Celebration of International Translation Day at Telangana Auxiliary

30 th September is celebrated as International Translation Day. As the Bible Society of India, Telangana Auxiliary staff we have celebrated it with the Deaf and Speech impaired community members, it was a wonderful experience to learn something new and good. We had Mrs. Persiswho is a Librarian at Govt. Degree College, Bhodhan, Mr. Rambabu who works as Cash Counter Attendant in KFC, Secunderabad and Mrs. Nagendramma who works as a Cook and Cleaner in a Hostel, ECIL.

The program was started with a word of prayer by Mrs. Persis in Sign Language later we have learned an action song and she expressed how Bible plays important role in her Life. She showed how they understand the Bible by drawings, each Bible verse has a different drawing. Mrs. Persis has a Book which she carries with her every-time, in which all the Bible verses are in drawings. She explained the Bible verse with Signs and pictures, which was a task for everyone to understand, later she showed her drawings with verses in her book. Mr. Rambabu prayed in Sign language and Mrs. Nagendramma has sung a song in Sign Language. All the three have
expressed their views and they were very happy to be part of this program.

As Telangana Auxiliary team started a pilot project to Translate Bible into Indian Sign Language for the Deaf and Speech impaired people. This exposure and experience were a good learning time for all the staff. We, the staff at Telangana Auxiliary bought T-Shirts with the Theme – Sign Languages Unite Us. These interactions and fellowship made us sensitive and sensible towards the scriptural needs of the Deaf and Speech impaired communities.

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