The Key tasks of Translation Department:

Equipping the translators to work on their translation projects through targeted training programmes. The skills of translations officers are monitored, developed and updated on regular basis.

Research and Development: ensuring that BSI stays at the forefront of Bible translation practice in scholarly and technological resources.

Reputation management/Brand Development: maintaining and assuring quality; maintaining relationships with translation partners, agencies and the Churches; providing resources to maintain a good quality translations

Project Support: providing support to translators/Churches to help in exegetical checking, reviewing, finalizing the text for publication.

BSI works in close collaboration with Global Bible Publishing and the Digital Bible Library so that the texts can be made available in digital platforms.

Translations Centre Shillong

The Translations Centre Shillong was established in the year 1971 as an extended Office of the Translations Department of the Central Office.

1) The centre serves as a permanent resource centre to train, monitor and supervise the translation projects in the region.

2) The centre ensures effective contacts with the church/translators working in different remote parts of the region.

3) The centre adds to the translation acceleration of the projects.

4) The centre facilitates the translators with accommodations to stay, library and helps them in the progress of the translation works.

5) The centre serves as a resources centre, in equipping the translators and the translation checking committee members by organizing regular workshops and training seminars on Bible Translation works both at national and international levels.

Ever since, the Translation centre was established it has served the people and the churches of North East region as a handmaid in enabling to have the Word of God in their own mother tongues.

The distinctive function of the Centre contributes to the overall strength of the BSI particularly in the field of Translations of the Bible in the North East of India including Sikkim. It may be noted that this is the only Translation Centre in our country that works exclusively for the translations of the Bible in so many languages.

We invite the Churches and individuals to partner together for the Bible Cause and own the ministry of the Bible Society of India so that together we will reach out to all the people groups in all languages in this generation in this region and beyond.

At present, Rev. Dr. W. Along Jamir, the Associate Translations Director heads the centre since September 2012