In a world filled with countless books, there is one that stands out as a beacon of hope, wisdom, and transformation. It has transcended time and culture, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of millions. With its message of unity and love that transcends borders and beliefs, it fosters understanding and harmony among diverse communities.

The Bible—the most translated, printed, and read book in the world. Its journey began thousands of years ago, with its timeless message traveling across generations and continents.

Today, the Bible is not confined to any single culture or language. It speaks to people from all walks of life, uniting hearts and minds in its universal message of love, hope, peace, and redemption.

Since the year 1811, The Bible Society of India has been on a remarkable journey, driven by a noble vision – to make the Bible accessible to all, in a language they can understand, a format they have access to, and at a price they can afford.

With its mission, The Bible Society of India passionately engages in translating, printing, and publishing the Bible, resulting in a meaningful scripture engagement for the church.

The Bible Society of India takes all the efforts to translate the Bible in the heart languages of the people, preserving the integrity of the original biblical text. Through painstaking efforts, dedicated scholarship, and an unwavering focus make sure that the essence of the ancient scriptures remains faithfully transmitted to the modern world.

every effort is taken to produce Bibles of unparalleled quality. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure that every detail is perfected to meet the highest standards.

Through its seventeen auxiliaries spread across this nation, the Bible Society of India serves as a handmaiden of the Church in India to effectively engage with the Bible, fostering a deeper understanding of the Word of God at every stage of life, leaving no one behind.

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None of these achievements would have been possible without the generous contributions from the Church and individuals who willingly and sacrificially support the Bible cause. We are truly grateful and thankful to all of you for your partnership and generosity towards this noble cause.

The journey is far from over. With hundreds of languages in India still in need of the Bible in their heart languages. Our survey findings indicate that translating the Bible into at least 300 of these languages will be a pivotal step towards effectively reaching the entire population of India.

God’s Word for the God’s World – is made a reality by the Bible Society of India.

The Bible Society of India invites the church and everyone to join hands in partnership, as we can make this great mission possible through your priceless collaboration and contributions.

So, how can you get involved? It’s simple! Visit or contact the nearest BSI Auxiliary to explore the various ways you can partner with us. Whether it’s through faithful prayers, financial support, volunteering, or even organizing events to support the Bible cause, your involvement with BSI will make a resounding impact.

Together, we can share the message of Hope and Love embedded in the Bible that can transform lives, and strengthen the Mission of God.



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