Observance of UN World Environment Day in the Bible Society of India

On June 5th, 2023 the Bible Society of India, celebrated World Environment Day as part of the Combined Prayer Fellowship of the central Office and the 17 Auxiliaries across India. The event took place virtually on Zoom platform. The highlight of the occasion was a thought-provoking message delivered by Rev. Dr. Rohan Gideon, Professor of Theology at the United Theological College. His extensive knowledge and expertise in theology provided a unique perspective on the importance of environment conservation from faith-based standpoint.

Rev. Dr. Rohan Gideon emphasized the importance of maintaining the covenant relationship of justice and righteousness in order to protect our earth and the whole environment. In line with the UNO theme for this 2023 World Environment Day “Beat Plastic Pollution”, Dr Rohan strongly conveyed with pictorial presentation of the collateral damage and danger caused to birds, animals, marine lives, to flora and fauna and to human lives with the reckless usage of plastic.  The message is a called to a realized eschatology, back to God’s covenant love and justice, where no human greed will rule the earth no more and where all creation mourn no more in waiting for God’s redemption.

Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi warmly welcomed the Guest Speaker Rev Dr. Rohan Gideon and Rev. Dr. Kavito G. Zhimo, the General Secretary of BSI felicitated him with a shawl and with a gift of Bible. Intercessory prayer was offered for the nation and for the wide world. We thank the Jabalpur Auxiliary for a very meaningful Order of Worship, which they prepared for this day.