The Word of God is Alive and Active

Technology is a boon today no doubt to humankind by making communication fast. About three decades ago things were different and today we see smartphones influencing and impacting every sphere of our lives including our habits, our relationships, etc. We may seem to be connected to several folks but in reality we find ourselves to be alone. For those addicted to smartphones, they find it to be a need than an addiction. People’s knowledge of smartphones is way better than the knowledge of the Word of God and no wonder that people want to possess the best possible phone. DScout goes on to say that there is a special software in the android phones to find out consumer’ responses to products. DScout gathered a group of people and tracked each user’s interaction over a period of 5 days. They noticed that the highest smart phone users use the phone nearly 5427 times be it a click, tap and swipe. The rest are on an average of about 2617 times.

In such a given context the question before us is as to how many types, clicks, swipes take place between us and the Bible? There are several questions that technology will not be able to answer as to who am I? What am I here for? What am I and what I am called to do? This answer can be answered only by the Word of God.

The Bible is not just like any other book. It’s the most printed book in history. It’s an amazing piece of writing containing clear teachings on the value and worth of every individual. It’s printed in many languages including Braille each year. According to the Guinness World records it is the best seller year after year. There are many museums only for the Bible and events contained in it. It is available in every nook and corner of the globe.  Though it was written thousands of years ago yet it is relevant to our life situation today and hence it is never been outdated and it requires no modification and its accuracy cannot be doubted. Many tried to destroy it but failed, many suffered torture for printing and translating it. Amidst all of it we see it growing. History and archeology couldn’t prove its content wrong. It gives dignity and rights to every human. When you keep turning the pages of this book of life by reading it you will be struck with awe at what you discover about both God and yourself.

Now let’s take a moment to ponder upon Hebrew’s 4:12. Think about what a marvelous thing the Bible is! As Christians, we affirm that it is the very Word of God; and that God stands behind everything He has spoken in it! According to the testimony of the Son of God Himself, not one single word of it will fail. The Word of God is living and is constantly alive as in Greek words Zōn  gar lógos tou Theou kai energēs, God’s Word is like a grain of corn planted in a field. In the original text the word “living” stands at the beginning of the sentence and receives all the emphasis. God’s spoken and written Word is alive.  The apostle Peter wrote, “All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls off, but the word of the Lord endures forever.’ And this is the word which was preached to you” (1 Peter 1:24-25).

The word of God is active.  From the Greek word energēs  we get our word energy It is powerful, dynamic and full of energy. It does things in a manner that no human being can possibly do. It is the power of God that is energizing. The Word of God is also two edged sword. It penetrates Lives. Each and every impact made on our hearts by the proclaimed Word is but an effect of the power of Christ. The power of Christ cannot be stopped as it has a purpose in that Word which He will accomplish to fulfill His purpose.

Indeed it is a living Word having the power to transform lives. A couple of months back we had an opportunity to visit a tribal community living in the forests. I grew up seeing this community right from my childhood. Their lifestyle was different. When we visited the place we were shocked and also surprised on hearing their stories of how they had turned to the Lord. They shared their transformation experience that had taken place in their life on getting to know the Word of God. They shared of how they had given up their earlier practice of not bathing for days by not being mindful of any civic sense. After they got to hear and learn the Word of God there has been a visible change in their lifestyle. The pastor of their church testified that he was a drunkard earlier and after he got to experience the Lord his life has been transformed. He was unable to read and write but now he is able to read the Bible and preach.  The Word of God has brought change not just in his own life but today he is able to lead many people closer to God.  

The news, articles or TV may keep us informed. Poems may fascinate us. A novel may stimulate us. But it is only the Living and Active Word of God that can change us. The indispensable character of the Word of God is its endless strength and dynamic effect.   It’s the true riches that we must seek, cling to it, enter into it, believe it and let it change us. May the good Lord guide us all in becoming God’s agents through which we will be able to take God’s Word to many.


Rev. Mrs. Shashikala Alva B.S.

Auxiliary Secretary,

BSI Karnataka Auxiliary


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    Anita John says

    Dear Rev. Shashikala ma’am,
    Greetings in Jesus precious name.
    It’s really a awesome article. Yes its a strong alert to those who are badly addicted to smartphones. The Word of God which is alive and active gives answer about the very purpose God has for His people’s lives. Surely it will help the helpless to overcome the wrong ways people take and move on in the addiction. It’s such a great encouragement to see the living testimonies of tribal community people through the Word Of God. Great to see BSI conducting workshop to equip the committed servants to reach out the needy and desperated and save their souls by distributing Bibles which reveals the Truth….Overall it’s a blessed article. May God continue to bless and use BSI staff for the extension of His kingdom amen 🙌 Once again thank you for your commitment dear Shashikala ma’am…

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