The message of Christmas is the message of universal love. It is the message of ineffable divine glory and splendour. The message of Christmas is the message of peace and goodwill among all nations.

Christmas is more than a day of rejoicing and festivity. It is a day for realizing the Christ-consciousness. It is a day for remembering the noble deeds of Lord Jesus and his sacred life of pristine purity. Christmas comes and Christmas goes, but let the spirit of Christmas be ever with us all.

Merry-making is not Christmas at all. Christmas does not consist in ringing bells and singing songs, exchanging mutual gifts and sending Christmas cards, and in enjoying rich repasts and heavy dinners and eating cakes.

Christmas is a state of spiritual awakening. To realize the Reign of God within ourselves, to hold communion with the Lord in the chambers of our hearts, to regain our lost divinity, to attain Christ-consciousness, to love all, to include all in the warm embrace of our love is real Christmas.

The spirit or heart of Christ is seriously lacking in the vast majority of persons. The love of Christ is badly wanted. What is Christmas without love, mercy and purity? Everybody wants to exploit his/her neighbour. One nation wants to destroy another nation. Is this Christmas? Is this the teaching of Christ?

Real Christmas never comes and goes. It is eternal. We need to feel the spirit of Christmas not only on one day, but throughout the year. Every day is a Christmas day for a real follower of Christ, for a thirsting soul. Let
that be our yearning and desire !

Rev.Dr.M.Mani Chacko

General Secretary
Bible Society of India


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    Rev. Dr. D. Sam Christopher says

    Excellent message. It is an essential message during this time of commercialized celebration of Christmas as well a secularized one, to be Christ conscious. Thank you Achen.

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