The Bible Society of India and the Catholic Church Affinity The Kannada Inter-Confessional Bible Workshop

It was God’s grace that has sustained the smooth functioning of the Re-editing Kannada of Inter-Confessional Bible project. It is an ongoing translation project comprising of the dedicated Core Translator Team both from the BSI-Catholic institutions. The translation checking has been conducting through the extensive Translators’ Workshops in the BSI William Carey Centre Office, under the supervision and guidance of Rev. Dr. Along Jamir, Translation Director, Translation Department. Indeed, the team is grateful to our respected General Secretary, Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko for his generous and constant support towards the noble cause. The checking work is well in progress. The committed Core Translator Team has been intended for intensive translation workshops to keep up the time schedule within the frame of the planning project. Thus, the team has been engaged to focus on the completion of the checking of the New Testament books this year 2022. During the year 2022, three workshops had already been conducted by the Translation Department in the months of February (22 nd -24 th ), April (26 th -29 th ), and August (30 th -2 nd September). Subsequently, the team has also decided to meet on the following months: October (11 th -14 th ), November (15 th -17 th ) and December (6 th -9 th ) to accelerate the task of translation checking. In order to systematize, and to have an error free Bible, a small group was formed within the umbrella of the Core Translator Committee. At this stage, as a team, we affirm the wholehearted dedication of the Translators of the Core Committee which enhanced the translation checking process towards the achievement of our goal. We sincerely request for the continuous prayer support of our dear readers for this project.

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