Rev. Dr. Kavito G. Zhimo


Rev. Dr. Kavito Zhimo is an ordained Baptist minister from Nagaland. He served as the pioneering founding principal of Trinity Theological College, Dimapur for 26 years (1992-2000 and 2004 -2022). He was awarded the “Principal Emeritus” title by the Sumi Baptist Convention for his long standing service and the longest serving principal under the Senate of Serampore College (University). 

Dr. Zhimo is a teacher by profession, a leader by experience and a minister by calling. As an academician, he teaches in the department of communication with specialization in the field of development and communication. He is the co-founder of the “North East Christian University” (NECU) an educational project of the “Council of Baptist Churches in North East India” and served as the Treasurer and Governing Board member from 2013-2018. He gave honorary leadership to various organizations at regional and national level. Some of his important leadership position includes, President of the Sumi Baptist Theological Association (1990-1993), President of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (2012-2015), President of the Senate of Serampore College, University (2017-2019) and Chairperson of the Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College (2017-2019). Dr. Zhimo is an alumnus of the Haggai Leadership Institute and has attended various seminars and workshops on leadership and human resource development. Leadership to Dr. Zhimo is “will to learn and passion to serve”. He is married to Mrs. Khelibo Ayemi and they are blessed with a son and a daughter.