Sourashtra Bible Release and Dedication Service

The Sourashtra Bible was dedicated to the glory of God on 1st May 2022 at Madurai, Tamilnadu State. On the dedication day (1st May 2022), the meeting began with the auspicious presence of Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Joseph, Bishop of CSI Madurai Diocese and huge number of Sourashtra believers and families. It was amazing to see how people were waiting to receive the Word of God in their heart language. The Sourashtra Bible is a great joint venture between the Bible Society and Indian Bible Translators. We all are happy and praise God for the Bible dedication which brought many Sourashtra people to glorify God. The crowd was excited and praised God in the Bible dedication and there was huge praises and glory to God for the Bible in their heart language. The entire group expressed their thanks to BSI for bringing out such a beautiful Bible in Sourashtra language.


The efforts of BSI were very much appreciated on the dedication day for all their support and help rendered through the process. The Sourashtra Bible translation took about 15 years to complete. The Sourashtra community had their origin in Gujarat State that had migrated to different parts of South India. The community who settled in Tamilnadu state merged their language with Tamil language; hence they have a distinctive language. This Sourashtra Bible is a Tamil script based with the Sourashtra language. The dedication of this Bible was held with the presence and blessings of Rev. Dr. N. Subramani, Associate Director, Translation Department of the Bible Society of India.

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