Report on the Church, Public Relations and Resource Mobilisation Department Programme with Gujarat Auxiliary on July 21 – 25, 2022

We had a very meaningful interactions and fruitful engagement with all the participants for Four Days programme of Training the Auxiliary Staff, Auxiliary Committee Members and BSI volunteers such as Branch Leaders, Collectors and Donors in the surrounding cities of Ahmedabad and Anand in Gujarat State towards Church, Public Relations and Resource Mobilization strategies.

We greatly appreciate the Gujarat Auxiliary Secretary Rev. David Desai and all the staff of the Gujarat Auxiliary for their commitment and hospitality for hosting many programmes. The commitment of the Auxiliary Committee members, branch leaders and all the donors for the Bible cause is a great encouragement for the ministry of the Bible Society in the state of Gujarat. For the first time in their history a Meeting at the Church of North India, Anand City with the 250 BSI branch leaders and donors was great encouragement for the BSI activities in the Anand city.

Scripture Engagement programmes with special group of people with the Slum Dwellers in Ahmedabad city, with the Poor children at the Irish Presbyterian Mission Girls Hostel, Anand City, and the Widows at the CNI Church Ranipur, Irish Presbyterian Mission near Ahmedabad were all a heart-rending moment yet a joyful time. Sharing the Word of God in the midst of their suffering and challenging life situation, with the word of God’s comforts and sustaining love is what we could offer to encourage them to take life positively. The most beautiful faces are seen when each of the participants in these programmes received a copy of the Holy Bible in their hands. May God’s sustaining love keep them safe always.

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