Project Implementation

Calcutta AuxiliaryDecember 13th 2021

Empowering Widows and Suffering Women

The Calcutta Auxiliary is blessed with many opportunities to minister to the community and is grateful to the continued support of the CRRM department for its encouragement and its support towards various projects. On the December 13, 2021, the Calcutta Auxiliary hosted a group of women for a Scripture Engagement in their Office premises. It was a good informal session that spread happiness and brought cheers to all present amongst the staff and the invitees.

It began by the staff introducing themselves and creating openness amongst the group, it was followed by sharing of a little bit of their lives. As the winter cold of Calcutta sets in, affecting the poor families, it was a wonderful gesture when each person present received a blanket, food provision and a bible as a gift. Many women could not hold back their emotion of joy when they received Bible for their own. There was a great joy and gratitude to God as a day was led by Rev. Philip Bari, the Calcutta Auxiliary Secretary and the staff with Bible reflection, praise and worship.

Church Relations and Resource Mobilization Department held “Empowering Widows and Suffering Women in India.” programme in Batala city with the BSI North West India Auxiliary

Rev. Sudhakara Raju, Manager, Church Relations and Resource Mobilisation Department, BSI and Rev. Gershombhai Kristi, Auxiliary Secretary, BSI Northwest India Auxiliary in co-ordination with the CNI, Amritsar Diocese, The Central Methodist Church, Batala, The Salvation Army, Divisional HeadQuarters and the Independent Churches in Batala coordinated four days programmes of Scripture Engagement for Youth, Pastors and Women from December 9th to 11th, 2021. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to get engaged with the Batala city Christian community for the ministry of the Bible Society of India for the first time in this region. The 4 days programme focussed mainly on how to get the Youth, the Pastors and the Women actively involved in the Ministry of the Bible Society through their gift of time and energy, and become the agent for transformation through Scripture Engagement, especially among the Christian community of the poor widows and suffering women in the state of Punjab. We greatly acknowledge the hospitality of Rev. Dr. Vinata Roy, Presbyter-in-Charge CNI Epiphany Church, Batala and the Pastorate Committee for graciously hosting the programmes in their Church with all the participants. We want to say a very big thank you to the Churches such as Ephiphany CNI Church, The Central Methodist Church, the Salvation Army Church in Amritsar and in Batala for welcoming the BSI to have Bible Sunday services.  Let us continue to pray for God’s continued blessings for all the Churches in Batala and all the participants in the programmes for their commitment to the Bible cause.

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