Programme of the Church, Public Relations and Resource Mobilisation with the BSI Shillong Auxiliary on May 24-26, 2022

We had a very fruitful and meaningful Three-Day Programme with Shillong Auxiliary on May 24-26, 2022. We began the meeting with Business Session for the Auxiliary Committee Members and Branch Officers of the Shillong Auxiliary hosted by the Jaiaw Presbyterian Church with great hospitality. The meeting was well attended, out of active 64 Branches, only a few could not make it due to floods and landslide in some part of Assam. The meeting was presided over by Rev. Lyndan Shyiem, the President, Shillong Auxiliary. We had the Bible Release function in the afternoon. The Khasi Bible Re-edited (OV) with Red-letter was released by the President of the Shillong Auxiliary, BSI in the presence of Church Leaders, BSI staff and officials, and Shillong Auxiliary Branch Officers. The BSI Shillong Auxiliary Standing Choir presented two beautiful songs.

On the second day, a whole day programme was organized on Women Leadership and Empowerment Through Scripture Engagement led by Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi, BSI- CPRRM. 180 women had participated from various BSI Shillong Auxiliary branches and the meeting was hosted by the Nonglum Presbyterian Church. 150 Project Bibles for “Women” were given to volunteers and mission field workers to hand over to the needy, who could not be part of the meeting organised on that day.  

The third day fore-noon was spent for a special meeting on Cohort Fundraising special project with donors at the Shillong Auxiliary office.  The need for the special audience such as Audio Bibles, Braille Bible and Sign Language were discussed and the participants were convinced for the cause to launch this special project. The afternoon meeting was on Youth Leadership, hosted by the Mawprem Presbyterian Church, which was very insightful and encouraging. The Youth expressed their availability for the BSI ministry and committed themselves to give their best for the Bible cause. 

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