Pawri New Testament Translation

The Pawri indigenous people, residing in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Eastern Maharashtra in India, have recently received a significant milestone in their spiritual journey. The translation of the New Testament into their language marks a momentous achievement, made possible by the dedicated efforts of the Friends Missionary Prayer Bands in partnership with the Bible Society of India.

The translation of the New Testament into the language of the Pawri indigenous people is a testament in bridging the gap between faith and culture. Recognizing the importance of making the scriptures accessible to all, these organizations undertook the challenging task of accurately translating the New Testament, ensuring that the message of the Gospel resonates with the hearts and minds of the Pawri community. Pawri is an Indo-Aryan language and about 70 % of Powar community members can speak & write Pawri language. As per the Indian census 2011 the population of native speaking Pawri are 325,772. According to Ethnologue, Pawri is spoken in the Balaghat, Seoni, districts of Madhya Pradesh, Bhandara, Nagpur and Gondia districts of Maharashtra.