Odiya Audio Bible Release Function

Odiya Audio

Today, there is a growing preference for ’listening’ rather than ‘reading’ and the numbers are rising exponentially. The trend is not just with people who can’t read but also with the ‘neo-literates’ and ‘non-readers’. The audio Bible comes handy for people who would rather listen than read. Besides, the Audio Bible is a welcome tool for the people ‘on-the-go’ and the the elderly who find it extremely difficult to read small print.

The Bible Society of India has been producing audio Bibles in many languages. The Odia Audio Bible was recorded by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers led by Rev.Dr. Ashish Patro, Secretary, Odisha Auxiliary. The Odia Audio Bible was released on 18th December 18t at the CNI Baptist Church, Cuttack. The release function was well attended by Christian leaders and believers drawn from all denominations. The BSI Standing Choir, Shillong ministered to the congregation through music and song.

The Media and Special Audience Department congratulates the Odisha Auxiliary for the successful completion of the Audio Bible project and releasing the Audio to benefit those who are in need of the Audio Bibles. We hope and pray that the Odia Audio Bible will be a great blessing to the Church in Orissa.

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