Observance of Kandhamal Day August 23, 2022

The Bible Society of India commemorates Kandhamal Day to stand in solidarity with all Christians — Children, Youth and Adults who faced the Kandhamal religious violence and to remember victims of targeted violence against Christian Adivasis and Dalits, and to express solidarity with all victims of hate and violence across India.  This day was observed as Combined Prayer Fellowship on a virtual platform through Zoom across the BSI Offices in Central Office and all the Auxiliaries and Translation Centre, Shillong by following a very meaningful Order of Worship prepared by the Jabalpur Auxiliary. Archbishop Rajiw Satish Toppo, President, BSI Ranchi Auxiliary and Archbishop of the Northwestern Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ranchi was our Guest Speaker. The speaker emphasised that “Without Crucifixion, there is no Resurrection '' by way of talking about the firm faith which the victims of the Kandhamal riots are holding on in Christ. As they cling on to the crucified Christ, their faith and spirits are not shaken and they continue to rise above the threats of evils.

According to Archbishop Toppo, the forces of evils are nothing but temporary forces that came from the instigated socio-political and religious factors in and around Kandhamal. As Christians, we need to pray constantly to do away with the forces of evils that surround us and pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen and give us an understanding of our socio-political and religious context so that we can be on guard and fight for justice in this world.

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