SEPTEMBER 8, 2021, 9.00 AM

The Bible Society of India had the privilege to observe the “International Literacy Day” throughout our offices in India.  

Imagine how different our life would be if we had never learned to read or write or understand any writing.  For millions of people in the developing world, this is the reality.  The lack of education significantly impacts their ability to step out of poverty.  Literacy unlocks human potential and is the cornerstone of development.  It leads to better health, better employment opportunities, safer and more stable societies.

The Bible Society of India observed the International Literacy Day on September 8, 2021. We are committed to pray especially for children that they may gain wisdom, and discernment through education to experience  the fullness of life God intends for each of them.

World wide, an estimated 250 million children, adolescents and youth weren’t in school and more than 100 million youth are not learned (Global Education Monitoring Report 2020). Despite progress over the recent decades, many children in school do not achieve functional literacy and numeracy skills due to overcrowded classes, lack of supplies of books and materials, unskilled teachers, who need more training, or disruption due to disasters and prolonged crisis like the Corona virus pandemic as in the pass two years.

The choice to intentionally engage in literacy activities is integral to the Bible Society’s mission. The ability to read the Bible for oneself, find meaning from it, and digest it as God’s message for one’s life, family, community, and society is a vital resource  the value of which cannot be overstated.

Literacy is a prerequisite to the majority of current Bible translation and engagement programmes, which aim for transformation at the personal, familial, and societal levels.

Although an audio or visual experience may be the initial way a non-literate person experiences the Bible, the ultimate goal of Bible engagement is to be able to navigate through the Bible oneself.

Concerns for intercession were:

  1. Pray for an end to the generational cycle of illiteracy and poverty.
  2. Pray for parents to support their children’s education.
  3. Pray for children’s safety at school.
  4. Pray for protection of children who aren’t attending school.
  5. Pray for girls growing up in cultures that do not value their education.


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