The United Nations General Assembly had declared 21st September as International Day of Peace. It is observed to be a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. Currently, we see political turmoil, violence and war in Afghanistan and between Israel and Palestine and conflicts in different parts of the world. The Bible Society of India came together as a community of Bible workers to pray for International Peace and to seek God to restore peace on this earth.

Our three North Eastern Auxiliaries namely, Aizawl, Dimapur and Shillong prepared the order of service for the day. We sought God for his forgiveness for all humankind as we have not always acted for peace. We ignore God’s calling to be peacemakers to our neighbours, communities, states and nations. We as a community might have caused divisions among ourselves and to people around us.  We sought God to make us a channel of peace to others.

Intercessory prayer was offered for the peace in Israel and Palestine, where violence and war continue to injure, kill innocent people and destroy properties. We asked God to take control of the situation and speak to the leaders of Israel, Hamas and Palestinian so that they come to negotiation table to resolve differences and restore peace in their land.

We also offered prayer for peace in Afghanistan as the Afghans are living under threat; especially the women are curtailed from their freedom of movement and education under the new Taliban rule. We pray that the Lord would grant the political leaders to rule their country with justice and equality, and peace may be restored in their land.

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