I thank God for presenting me the Holy Bible and equipping me to get engaged with it day and night. I come from Villupuram – Tamil Nadu. I was a very religious person. Every morning I would perform rituals and prayers, but deep down in my heart I felt a vacuum. This caused me to search for a true and living God. I came and settled in Bangalore. We have seven children and four grandchildren.

I was married to Mr. Nagamuthu who is a balloon seller. While playing in the street, one of our granddaughters was kidnapped at the age of 3 while I was alone at home taking care of her. It’s been 12 years now. We couldn’t find her. This prompted my husband to become alcoholic. My husband, son and daughter-in-law started harassing me. After couple of years, my husband died and I was deserted for a while as I was not accepted in the family as a widow. Few years back, slowly my son and daughter-in-law came and settled with me.

Had I not received the Gift of the Scripture; I would have committed suicide. In the midst of persecution, I read the Bible and I was suddenly filled by an unspeakable joy. Now, I can deeply feel God’s love for me and I started to learn to love everyone in the family.

I want to thank the Church Relations and Resource Mobilisation Department of the BSI for Implementing the Project among the widows and the suffering women. Reading God’s Word loudly in the family every day is bringing healing in our relationship.

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