I Love Reading the Bible

“Do you have Genesis, Exodus and other Old Testament books in Kannada Braille?”, enquired Thimae Gowda on the phone. Thimae Gowda is one of the many visually challenged people who receive Braille Bibles from the Bible Society of India. “ Yes, we do have Genesis and a few other Old Testament books in Kannada Braille”, we replied. Thimae Gowda was immediately overwhelmed with joy. We could easily feel his excitement in his voice over the availability of the books of the Bible he has been wanting to read. “I will come and get it from the BSI office when I come to Bangalore”, he said. Thimae Gowda came to our office yesterday from his native place Tumkur and received the 5 books he wanted in Kannada Braille.

Many visually challenged people are benefitted by the distribution of Braille Bibles in many Indian languages. The Braille Bibles are also posted to those who are unable to come to the office. Santhalingam, a resident of Chennai recently received I & II Samuel and I & II Kings in Tamil Braille from the BSI office by post. “ I am thankful to BSI for helping me with the Braille Bible”, said Santhalingam when he called us after receiving the Braille Bibles. Some even make requests for Braille Bibles on behalf of someone whom they know and we send them the Braille Bible in the language of their choice” says Immanuel. Loganathan, who completed his study from the Blind School in Poonamallee contacted the Bible Society through his friend in Bangalore. Loganathan was able to receive Braille Bible books that he wanted to read.

The Braille Bible is quite voluminous. In fact, it is 43 volumes in all. And so, visually challenged people receive the Bible as books. We are really happy to serve the visually challenged. Most of them who contact us are eager to read God’s Word. We are touched by their love for the Bible”, says Immanuel, a staff of the Media and Special audience Department. The Braille Bible is quite expensive too and not many can afford to buy the Braille Bible. The Bible Society of India makes available free Braille Bibles for the visually challenged in many Indian languages.

Lemu, a visually challenged student at the United Theological College, Bangalore requested the Bible Society for the Braille Bible. He finds the Braille Bible very helpful for his studies. He now regularly contacts the Bible Society for the various books of the Bible in Braille. We are very extremely happy at Lemu’s eagerness to make the Bible available in Braille in many of North Eastern languages spoken in Churachandpur

The BSI is committed to serving the visually challenged. We see this as an opportunity and privilege. If you know of any visually challenged person who is in need of Braille Bibles please contact the Media and Special Audience Department at

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