First day of April 2022 is a special day for the BSI organization as we were waiting for a long time to implement the upgraded, updated and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning into our system. The beginning of Financial year 2022-23 was dedicated for the full implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning ODOO to the BSI operations.

A short Thanksgiving program was arranged to praise and thank God for all the good things God has done to the ministry of BSI. This full implementation of ERP is possible only because of God’s providence, leading and blessing all our efforts.

We greatly appreciate the visionary leadership of our General Secretary Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko to implement the best of the systems to BSI operations. And this is the historical moment of transforming to a new operating system for the efficient functions of BSI.

We also recognize the efforts and support of all the ERP Committee Members Mr. Philip Prabhakar, Mrs. Jolly Thomas, Mr. Tinku George and Mr. Paul Stephen, the convener for ERP implementation. The encouragement and support of the Senior Management, Heads of Departments, Auxiliary Secretaries, staff working on ERP in the Central Office as well as Auxiliaries are well recognized.

Under the guidance and support from the ERP Committee, a few modules of ODOO were implemented from April 2021. The implementation initially began with Sales, POS, Inventory, Receipts, and later other modules of accounting were introduced.

To implement and configure the BSI operations, Technical support from Odoo experts and consultants were taken. Mr. Webster, Marketing staff was entrusted as a single point of contact with the technical team. We recognize and appreciate the untiring efforts of Mr. Webster in taking up this responsibility. Interaction with respective stakeholders and developers for effective implementation were planned and executed. Training the users across BSI Departments and Auxiliaries, managers and team leaders were done in the past one year. We appreciate the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the staff/users in trying to learn, adapt and master the modules on which they work. Now we are happy to inform you that the ERP is fully implemented for BSI operations from the beginning of the Financial year 2022-23 i.e., 1st April 2022.

The ERP is an effective tool to be used on real time and to improve the effectiveness of the BSI operations, reducing duplication of efforts, minimizing the complexity of work across Central Office and 17 Auxiliaries, following the ever changing Indian Statutory compliances such as FCRA rules, Income Tax rules, Commercial Taxes, etc.


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