The BSI Youth Christmas Tree, Jabalpur Auxiliary:

The BSI, Youth Committee organized “Christmas Tree” at Hawabagh Methodist Church, Jabalpur on 19th Dec 2022. Mr. Shamon Waghmare, BSI Staff, led the service. Mr. Shitij. C . Jacob, BSI Youth Advisor, led the opening prayer. 100 Youth from different Churches in Jabalpur participated in the programme. Praise & Worship was led by the Youth Choir of Hawabagh Church, Jabalpur. Mr. Jaikanth Shah, Youth President of Disciple Church read the Word of God from “Matthew Ch. 2 : 1 to 11. The Christmas message was delivered by Rev. Daniel Nath, Auxiliary Secretary of Jabalpur. Ms. Sharon Divine member of BSI, Youth Committee said words of gratitude to our Lord Almighty and to the BSI, Jabalpur Auxiliary for organizing the “Christmas Tree” for the Youth of Jabalpur. She extended her gratitude to the Youth for their presence and to their Pastors for encouraging their Youth to participate actively in this program. Ms. Teresa Rodrigues, BSI Staff said a closing prayer followed by the Lord’s Prayer and Benediction pronounced by the Auxiliary Secretary Rev. Daniel Nath. Few games for the Youth was organized by Mr. Geet Tati & Mrs. Anglica. The programme concluded with fellowship dinner.

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