Engaging Youth with God’s Word

Mr. Caleb Martin  Associate Director
BSI – Media and Special Audience

It was indeed an opportunity to interact with Bengaluru city youths on a Sunday evening on 30th January 2022 on a virtual platform. It was wonderful to see youth joining from different venues, some of them from their workplaces to be together and interact. In this digital era, the young people have so much to offer to Church and Society, their skills and abilities are great assets to the Bible Cause. The meeting with the Theme “Sync with God” was organized by the youth of Friends Missionary Prayer Band. Mr. Caleb Martin, the Associate Director, BSI – Media and Special Audience was given an hour to share God’s Word and introduce various resources the BSI has for them. The message was shared from the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35, where Jesus joins with the two disciples who were on their way to Emmaus and how Jesus engaged with them with the Scripture. Jesus spoke to them about “from Moses to all the prophets concerning Him”. These disciples were going through fear, depression, anger and hopelessness as their Master Jesus’ crucifixion was the talk of the town, but all of it changed because now they had a better understanding of God’s Word and how everything is integrated and significant to what happened in and through Christ.  They went back to the same place from where they once wanted to get away. Their experience on the road to Emmaus revived, reformed and transformed them completely.

One of the objectives of BSI is to encourage the church to engage with God’s Word. During the evening meeting, the youth were introduced to the resources that BSI has made for the youth. The Good News – Youth Edition Bible was introduced and the Bible Course developed by The Bible Society was explained. Other Digital gadgets and Bible Apps were also introduced. They were reminded that they are not the future of God’s Mission but very much present. The youths were motivated to engage with God’s Word every day and take simple steps of action. Our desire is to see this generation of youth have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and actively participate for the Bible cause.

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