India is a secular democracy where “…religious liberty of both the individuals and associations of individuals united by common beliefs, practices and discipline” is constitutionally guaranteed. The Indian constitution in Article 25 grants to the citizens of India of all religious persuasions freedom to profess, practice and propagate their faith in a way that does not disrupt public order and does not affect public health and morality adversely. Although the Article 25 of the Indian Constitution ensures a fundamental human right of the Indian citizens in no case to be subverted otherwise, several differing attitudes have emerged since its promulgation. Objection to conversion is one of them.

The 73rd Indian Republic Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Bible Society of India

The flag hoisting ceremony was held on the 26th January early morning at the BSI William Carey Centre office, No. 16, Hall Raod, Bangalore – 560 005 and in all the offices of the Auxiliaries. A report with pictorial presentations as follows

Introducing the BSI Greek and Hebrew Bibles

Rev. Mathew Skariah, Secretary, BSI Kerala Auxiliary shared about BSI ministry and introduced the BSI Greek and Hebrew Bibles at the CSI Central Kerala Diocesan (MKD) Convention and the meeting was chaired by Rt. Rev. Dr. Sabu Koshy Cherian

Engaging Youth with God’s Word

It was indeed an opportunity to interact with Bengaluru city youths on a Sunday evening on 30th January 2022 on a virtual platform. It was wonderful to see youth joining from different venues, some of them from their workplaces to be together and interact. In this digital era, the young people have so much to offer to Church and Society, their skills and abilities are great assets to the Bible Cause. The meeting with the Theme “Sync with God” was organized by the youth of Friends Missionary Prayer Band. Mr. Caleb Martin, the Associate Director, BSI – Media and Special Audience was given an hour to share God’s Word and introduce various resources the BSI has for them

Let us Pray Together for the Glory of God:-

  • Pray for the upcoming events of North East India Translation Advisory Committee (NEITAC) Meeting and the 50th Year Celebration of Translation Centre Shillong coming up on 10th February 2022.
  • Bibleless:  People of the world’s 7,000 languages, 3,800 still don’t have access to the whole Bible and 2,000 don’t even have a single verse. Pray for the successful completion of Bible translation projects around the world. Ask God to give hope to those still waiting to read Scripture for the first time. 
  •  Deaf People: Ninety-eight percent of Deaf people do not have Scripture in their heart language. Pray for the successful production and distribution of Scripture in the nearly 350 unique sign languages so that Deaf Communities canencounter God through the Holy Word.
  • Trauma Healing Facilitators: There are more than 16,000 trained facilitators who lead trauma healing groups in more than 112 countries. Ask God to give facilitators wisdom and sensitivity as they lead others to a place of spiritual healing.

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