The BSI Ranchi Auxiliary organised a two day workshop on Building Digital Communities to build awareness on the digital Initiatives undertaken by the BSI. The two workshop included ‘talks’, ‘discussion groups’, and ‘hands-on’ experience on using the digital. 

Mr. Samuel Thambusamy presented the opportunities and challenges of the digital for Bible Societies. He introduced the digital initiatives ( such as Dot Bible, Project Engage, Social Media) undertaken by the Media department and how these initiatives can help in  Scripture Engagement, Bible Advocacy and the promotion of the Ranchi Auxiliary.  


We had over  a 100 people attend the first day of seminar, which was primarily focussed on BSI supporters. 

The second day of the seminar was primarily focussed on the youth. Surprisingly, even adults wanted to be a part of the Bible Funshop. The Bible Funshop is designed for groups to read the Bible together in a new and creative way using arts and the media. 

The Bible Funshop is about reading familiar passages of Scripture in unfamiliar ways and learning from one another! We had a great time reading John 6: 1 – 12  together at Bible House Ranchi. Young people made Vblogs and Facebook posts based on the lessons they had learnt. 


Children and young people were introduced to the Digital Bible tools such as Bible Apps, Youversion Bible reading plans, and Bible game Apps such as Guardians of Ancora.  It is always a joy to help children and young people engage with Scripture and see them take a deep dive.!

We hope that children will

Read the Bible 
Listen to the Bible
Learn from the Bible
Live out the Bible 

And share it’s Light to people!

The response to the Digital Initiatives was overwhelming and it was amazing to see people’s willingness to embrace the digital. 


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