Celebration of the World Environment Day

The family of the Bible Society of India observed World Environment Day on June 3, 2022 with prayer through the Zoom platform virtually across the country. The Guest Speaker for the day was Mrs. Sujata Chawdhry, Treasurer, North West India Auxiliary, Principal, St. Crispin’s SR. SEC. School (Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India), Gurugram, Haryana. Mrs. Sujata had taken us through the biblical teachings on creation and human responsibilities by bringing up basics and important issues, such as, the way to respond to the climate change and global warming, wherein, human beings are responsible to a very large extent. The highlights of her speech are as follows:-
1. It is time we implement in small ways to challenge ourselves, like conserving water, saving power at home, cleaning our surroundings.

2. What can we do as family of BSI? a) We nust take the Word of God to people and show them that God is our Creator (Ps 104: 24-25. b) We are the stewards of all creation, not to abuse, exploit and use them wantonly, but take care of them by having ownership that we greatly value and enjoy.

3. Save Earth: let us save our only earth

4. By knowing and following God’s words of reproof, correction and instructions, we can rebuild the world and protect the environment 

To mark this significant day, some of our Auxiliaries had planted saplings, decorated the office with plants and the Bible Society of India, Calcutta Auxiliary has launched a new song on the environment too.

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