Celebration of Indian Christian Day by the Bible Society of India

The Bible Society of India celebrated Indian Christian Day on July 4, 2022, as part of the BSI staff online morning worship across India through the Zoom platform. Indian Christian Day was celebrated across India by the churches and Christian Organizations on July 3, 2022, to commemorate the date of the martyrdom of St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ in Chennai in India way back in 72 AD. 

We are privileged to have Mr. John B. Samuel, President/Principal Researcher of Talent Research Foundation, USA and Singapore as our Guest Speaker, to bring the message of God’s Word through emphatic calling for a faithful disciple of Christ on the theme “Is Your job a Career or a Calling? with Bible references from Romans 11:29, 12: 6-8; and 1 Peter 4:10. Mr. John, through his conviction and commitment to God’s ministry, encouraged the family of the BSI to examine ourselves for a greater commitment to God that we render our services not just to build our carreer but to commit ourselves to greater responsibilities in serving God and people who are in need of God’s love and peace. Mr. John continued to encourage us by saying in our commitment to God’s ministry, that our true talents will come out that will leave a legacy for building God’s kingdom here on earth. Citing the example of William Carey, Father of the Modern Missionaries, saying, “William Carey came to India to convert thousands of people for Christ with a methodology of what we now called as ‘direct evangelism’, but through his commitment and surrendering himself for God’s mission, God had multiplied his talent and skill of language translation and William Carey came to accept that translation of the Bible into the heart languages of the people is what he was called to doing God’s Mission, which had left an everlasting, irreversible legacy in the History of the World, not only within Christianity but for the world at large”. 

The celebration of Indian Christian Day ended well with a great notion of God calling us into God’s mission with a commitment to serve the people/s of God while accepting God’s given talent in us. 

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