Celebrating the Service of Dr.P.I.Varghese

Dr. P. I. Varghese joined the BSI in the year 1989 as a Marketing Manager. Later he took over the Special Audience Department that seeks to meet the needs of the visually challenged and other special audiences.The tracts printed for this Special Audience Department were specially prepared by Dr. Varghese and more than 70 titles are being printed and distributed in various languages in big quantities every year.  These Scriptures are in great demand and have touched many lives. Dr. Varghese would handle hundreds of Seekers Letters everyday through this Department in different languages and respond to these letters by getting it translated with few of our colleagues within BSI.

Dr. Varghese took over took over as Director (Marketing) in May 2012. Since then he has led the Department to greater heights. He was instrumental in getting varieties of Bibles in different sizes including KJV-2000 which are in great demand now.  He also introduced Project Bibles with grey cover and grey edging, which are sold at subsidized rates for churches and other deserving evangelists.  In addition to this he also introduced Bibles in Semi-Compact size in different languages to bring down the price of the Bible. Dr. Varghese is very innovative in marketing Scriptures and he has used all his skills in spreading God’s Word effectively.

He is responsible for getting two prestigious VALLATTON AWARDS for BSI.  The first one was for “Wonderful stories from the Bible for Children” given in Holland in 2013 and the second one was for INNOVATIVE BIBLE DISTRIBUTION AWARD given in Berlin just last month for TRUE LOVE.

It was wonderful working with Dr. Varghese and he will be fondly remembered and deeply treasured in our hearts. We thank God for his service on his retirement from BSI and wish him all success in all his future endeavors.

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