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Engaging Youth with God’s Word

Mr. Caleb Martin  Associate Director
BSI – Media and Special Audience

It was indeed an opportunity to interact with Bengaluru city youths on a Sunday evening on 30th January 2022 on a virtual platform. It was wonderful to see youth joining from different venues, some of them from their workplaces to be together and interact. In this digital era, the young people have so much to offer to Church and Society, their skills and abilities are great assets to the Bible Cause. The meeting with the Theme “Sync with God” was organized by the youth of Friends Missionary Prayer Band. Mr. Caleb Martin, the Associate Director, BSI – Media and Special Audience was given an hour to share God’s Word and introduce various resources the BSI has for them. The message was shared from the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35, where Jesus joins with the two disciples who were on their way to Emmaus and how Jesus engaged with them with the Scripture. Jesus spoke to them about “from Moses to all the prophets concerning Him”. These disciples were going through fear, depression, anger and hopelessness as their Master Jesus’ crucifixion was the talk of the town, but all of it changed because now they had a better understanding of God’s Word and how everything is integrated and significant to what happened in and through Christ.  They went back to the same place from where they once wanted to get away. Their experience on the road to Emmaus revived, reformed and transformed them completely.

One of the objectives of BSI is to encourage the church to engage with God’s Word. During the evening meeting, the youth were introduced to the resources that BSI has made for the youth. The Good News – Youth Edition Bible was introduced and the Bible Course developed by The Bible Society was explained. Other Digital gadgets and Bible Apps were also introduced. They were reminded that they are not the future of God’s Mission but very much present. The youths were motivated to engage with God’s Word every day and take simple steps of action. Our desire is to see this generation of youth have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and actively participate for the Bible cause.

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BSI Audio Bibles


Now, you can hear what you have been reading. The Audio Bible makes God’s Word accessible to many people, particularly the elderly, the sick and also people on the go. Please pray for the distribution of audio Scriptures in many languages. If you are in need of the audio Bible please contact your nearest BSI Auxiliary.

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Audio Bibles for Persons with Visual Disability (PVDs)

28059163_357746618043838_4694980933120699228_nThe Media and Special audience department of the BSI makes Audio Bibles available to PVDs ( Persons with visual disability).

Recently, we distributed Odia Audio Bibles to 30 students drawn from various colleges in Cuttack. The distribution was done in partnership with the BSI Odisha Auxiliary.

The BSI is committed to making the Bible accessible in the format that people prefer. We thank the many who bless PVDs with the audio device and help them have an ‘easy’ and ‘ready’ access to God’s Word.

If you want to know more please send an e-mail to

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Bible Funshop: A Whisper in the Dark


Children can (and must ) be creatively engaged with God’s Word . The Digital is a huge opportunity to engage children with the Bible. The Bible Funshop is a digital bible engagement program conducted by the BSI Media Department.The aim of the Funshop is to introduce kids to Digital Bible resources and also help them to creatively engage with Bible stories/passages. The program also helps kids to creatively express their learning ( through short videos)!

The BSI Media Department conducted the Bible Funshop in Jeeva Rakshaka Church, Kothanur, Bangalore. We had about 25 children at the Fun shop.

First we sang a few choruses and learnt the theme song: “ I Like the Bible” . The children learnt the song and sand enthusiastically. It was a heart warming experience to hear the Kids sing: “ I like the Bible… I read it and I do it… When I am going through it… I obey what I have heard. I am a doer of the Word… And I like the Bible”.

Next, we read the story of God speaking to Samuel. The kids were introduced to the Youversion Kids Bible App. They enjoyed reading and engaging with the Bible App in their iPads. After reading the Bible passage, the children engaged in conversations with each other. They read and understood the Bible passage in their small groups.

Fun shop encourages collaborative learning. We had designed a list of questions to help them ‘contextually’ read and understand the passage. The questions were

  1. Wha are the characters in the passage? What do we know about them?
  2. Samuel’s mother left him at the Tabernacle to serve the Lord alongside Eli. Samuel was alone in the Tabernacle. How did he feel? Did he miss his mother/family? How was he able to be in the Tabernacle all by himself?. How do you feel when you are all alone? What do you do when you are alone?
  3. Eli’s sons were bad. They did bad things. Samuel was a good boy. How was Samuel able to be a good boy? What are the bad things that are friend do? How can we stay away from bad influences?
  4. God Spoke to Samuel. He responded to God saying, “Speak Lord, Your Servant listens”. Can God speak to us today? How does God speak to us today? How can we respond to God?
  5. What is God telling us through the passage. What are we going to do in response to God’s Word to us today?

It was interesting to listen to kids reflecting on the passage from their perspective.  Some felt that Samuel missed his mother so much that he would cry a lot. He would wait for his mother’s annual visit and hug her.  Some could not understand Hannah’s decision to  leave her son at the Tabernacle. One said, “ Hannah must be without any sense”. Others affirmed God’s abiding presence with Samuel as he stayed away from his family. They said, ” Samuel was able to stay at the Tabernacle because he understood Hannah’s vow, that God was with him and that Eli took good care of him”. Next, we watched an animation video about Samuel’s story.

We regrouped after Lunch to work on video making. Children were taught the basics of video making. All the six groups worked on their video presentation of the story. It was a new experience for them to work on the iPad and edit with iMovie App. We watched all the videos made by the six groups and the kids really enjoyed watching their work presentations on the big screen. The bright eyes and the lovely smiles said it all.

The kids were challenged with the story of Mary Jones and her love for the Bible. We introduced the work of the Bible Societies and particularly the work of the Bible Society of India. We challenged the children to read the Bible regularly. We distributed Bible story books to the children and asked them to share the Bible story book with their friends after reading them.

It was truly a ‘fun-filled’ day. The Bible Funshop has been conducted in different cities ( Bangalore, Chennai, Cuttack, Ahmedabad, Shillong) and children have really enjoyed the Digital Bible engagement program. We hope that kids will creatively engage with the Bible and imaginatively express in the ‘Digital Space’.


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The Bible Fun Shop, South Gujarat

Bible reading can be done through creative ways. The Bible Fun shops are designed to introduce Kids to digital bible resources and also help kids creatively engage with the stories in the Bible using digital tools.

We set out to the Bible Funshop arranged at Jagiri village in South Gujarat. It took us almost 6 long hours to get to Jagiri, Valsad District, Gujarat. The drive took us through Baroda, Surat and many other places. Enter the Dangs area and the contrast is striking.

We arrived at an English Medium School. Yes, an English Medium School in the middle of nowhere.  The English medium school is the result of one man’s commitment to serve the people in the area: to give them a future and a hope lest they be left out or lost to impoverishment. Interestingly, he belongs to this area. The school is built with a vision to help educationally disadvantaged children in the area. About 235 students study here.

The Gujarat Auxiliary had planned a Bible Funshop at the HIM English School. The Bible Funshop is aimed at helping Digital Natives creatively engage with the Bible.  I had the privilege of interacting with Class VIII students. We had around thirty boys and girls at the Funshop.

We started with a few Bible songs. Then, the kids watched a video of God speaking to the boy Samuel who was growing up with Eli at the Tabernacle. After the video show, I asked the boys to imaginatively write a letter to Hannah about how Samuel felt growing up in the temple all by himself without a family ( in Samuel’s own words). I also asked the girls to imaginatively write a letter to Samuel about how Hannah felt leaving Samuel at the Tabernacle under Eli’s care ( in Hannah’s own words). This reading of the Bible using the tools of imaginative draws its inspiration from Dr. Gerald West’s  Contextual bible studies It was great fun to see the kids use their imagination and write the letter. That it was a residential school added to the understanding of their context as well!

I surprised the kids by asking them to read their letters and make a little Vlog! I also did a quick tutorial about framing, lighting and video capture to help them with the basics of video making. We had very limited time was limited and there wasn’t much we could do. My aim was to trigger their imagination and help them creatively express themselves. The kids throughly enjoyed the activity. Once, everyone had finished with the VLog, we all enjoyed watching the vLogs played on the big screen!

It was a long journey into the Dangs. But, I am grateful to the team from the Gujarat Auxiliary for planning the Bible Funshop at the HEM English School in the Dangs.

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