Kerala Auxiliary

The 73rd Indian Republic Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Bible Society of India

The flag hoisting ceremony was held on the 26th January early morning at the BSI William Carey Centre office, No. 16, Hall Road, Bangalore – 560 005 and in all the offices of the Auxiliaries. A report with pictorial presentations as follows:-

Central Office with Karnataka Auxiliary:

Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko, the General Secretary of the BSI welcomed the gathering and hoisted the flag. Mr. Paul Stephen, Director, Publishing and Marketing Department delivered the Republic Day message calling out the Christian community to be mindful of our duties as good citizens to be caregivers when the society is in need, by abiding with the Laws of the Land in accordance with our Indian Sovereign Constitutions. He concluded his message by saying “Let us continue to serve the nation with Christian values of Liberty, Equality, Justice and Fraternity. Let us not be distracted by the challenging environment to follow and practice our faith. As we involve ourselves in the ministry of the true living Word of God, let us strive to bring the idea of republic Liberty, Equality, Justice and Fraternity into reality in whatever possible way as an individual and as an organisation. That should be our vision for the new and emerging India.”

Republic Day Observed at Auxiliaries:

Rev. Soma Bhatkar, Auxiliary Secretary of Ranchi Auxiliary hoisted the flag and Sr. Marketing Staff Mr. Victor topno shared the message.

Rev. Mathew Skaria, Auxiliary Secretary of Kerala Auxiliary hoisted the flag and shared the Republic Day message

Rev. K. John Vikram, Auxiliary Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary hoisted the flag and delivered the Republic Day message

Rev Brajendra Kumar Kauri, Auxiliary Secretary of Odhisha Auxiliary hoisted the flag and delivered the Republic Day message

Rev. Dr. Yiepetso Wezah, Auxiliary Secretary of Dimapur Auxiliary hoisted the flag and delivered the Republic Day message.

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BSI Day @ the Ecumenical Convention

Copy of Church Relations NEWSLTRDEC

Rev.Matthew Skaria, BSI Auxiliary Secretary, Kerala shared the Word on the BSI Day at the Ecumenical Convention, Kattapara, Idukki, Kerala. The Auxiliary also conducted a Bible Exhibition. We thank God for oppotunities for the promotion of the Bible cause and Bible advocacy.

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