Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko ,General Secretary

A New Year is again before us to live a life in all its fullness. However, being human we will be forced to ask the question “How can this be?” off and on in our life ahead. We have raised this question in our life many a time in the past and we will continue to ask the same question as we move on in life. When surprises happen in life, things which bring joy and happiness; when shocks come in life, things which dampen our spirits, which take away the very purpose of living from us; when ambiguities govern our life, when things are not clear in crisis situations; when uncertainties are encountered not knowing which way to turn to, the question comes up automatically in our minds, “How can this be”?

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The Digital Bible Library® (DBL)

The Digital Bible Library® (DBL) is an online digital asset and licensing management platform developed and maintained by the United Bible Societies. DBL gathers, validates, and safeguards a large collection of quality, standardized, digital Scripture texts and publication assets, in hundreds of languages — all contributed by a growing number of partnering translation agencies. DBL enables the secure licensing and distribution of these resources to approved internal or external ministry partners. In this way, DBL seeks to empower others to reach people from every tribe, in every nation, with the power of God’s Word in their heart language.

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The Media and Special Audience Department of the BSI celebrated Christmas with the Auto Drivers in Bangalore on December 12th, 2020. There were 70 auto drivers. The participants shared as how the BSI Gospel tract transformed their lives. God was so gracious to us during the lock down, we were able to distribute 25 thousands tract. Every passenger who boards the auto will pick a tract and gets engaged with it. During the programme Mr. Caleb Martin Hilton, Associate Director, Media & Special Audience Department shared the Word of God.

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Rt. Rev. Dr. E. Pushpalalitha, Bishop Nandyal Diocese releasing the new Telugu Bible. Rev. John Vikram, Auxiliary Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary was the chief guest during the CSI Nandyal Diocesan Clergy Christmas. He also shared the Christmas Message

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BSI Staff Christmas programme was organized virtually on December 21st, 2020. Last Christmas was a difficult year which shared grief, hope and compassion through the Christmas faith. Rev. Fr. Faustine Lobo, PRO, Karnataka Region Catholic Bishop’s Council was invited to give reflection on the birth of Christ. The Scripture portion was taken from St. Luke 2:1-7. Rev. Fr. Faustine in his sermon compared the times of Jesus’ birth with today’s context, which was very apt for the situation. He reinstated that Christ is the source of hope. The William Carey Centre, Book Room, Warehouse, Karnataka Auxiliary and the Logos performed with special Christmas songs and skit. It was a blessed time.

Similar celebrations were held in our Auxiliaries and the Translations Centre at Shillong

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Planning the BSI Staff New Year programme began with a simple idea and a prayer: every new day, each new month, each New Year offers a fresh start. Everyday God provides when we face uncertainties; God’s mercies are new every morning. So the BSI decided to celebrate with a focus on God’s faithfulness. On January 4th, 2021 we had a virtual New Year Service. Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko, General Secretary, BSI brought the Word from Revelation 2:1-8 focusing on verse 5 “Behold, I make all things new.” It was a timely message of hope encouraging us to renew our commitment for the Bible Cause and closer relationship with God. Overall it was solemn service attended by all the staff of the BSI Central Office and the Karnataka Auxiliary.

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