BSI is my life

“The Auxiliary accorded a grand farewell to Mr. P.O. Kurian (Asst. Manager, Accounts) on his retirement from a distinguished service of 41 years. Mr. Kurian worked under seven General Secretaries from Rev. Dr. A.E.Inbanathan to Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko and seven Auxiliary Secretaries Rev. Victor Mangalwadi in Allahabad Auxiliary to Rev. Mathew Skariah in Kerala Auxiliary.

Mr. Kurian began his service at the BSI Allahabad Auxiliary. In 1983 he was transferred to BSI Kerala Auxiliary, as there was a need for an Accountant in Kerala.

Mr.Kurian was fully involved in all the areas of the work of the Auxiliary office. He also maintained a personal relationship with the office bearers of each of the 141 branches and encouraged them in their work. Rev. Mathew Skariah, the BSI staff and Auxiliary office bearers thanked Mr. Kurian for his excellent and faithful service for the Bible cause. Rev. Skariah said, ” It will be difficult to replicate the commitment and hard work of Mr. Kurian for BSI. Serving the BSI was his greatest passion.”

“Mr. Kurian was willing to sacrifice all his personal needs and time for the sake of BSI”, said Rev. Varkey, former Auxiliary Secretary. The Kerala Auxiliary staff said, “He was a perfectionist in his work and he expected the same from all us. At the same time he was loving and willing to assist if we needed some helpWe will really miss him”. Rev. Dr.Mani Chacko, General Secretary presented a gift on behalf of the BSI to Mr. Kurian.

Mr. Kurian thanked the BSI for all the love and support he enjoyed for the last 41 years. Amidst tears of joy he said, ” Really, I enjoyed my work with the BSI. BSI was not just my workplace. BSI is my life”

We, at the BSI along with the Kerala Auxiliary, extend all our sincere prayers and wishes to Mr. P. O. Kurian for a meaningful retired life yet active in God’s work.

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