Freedom to be what we are meant to be – Luke 15:11-32

Freedom and independence are the words we all love and strive to experience in our personal and community lives. This year, as we celebrated our 75th Independence Day, we were reminded once again of the struggle and the sacrifices of many who made it possible. God never intended for us to be enslaved; rather, God desires that we be free. In the parable of the so-called “prodigal son” Jesus teaches us how and where we can truly enjoy and experience freedom…

Mr. Caleb Martin,

Associate Director, Media and Special Audience Department.

Observance of Kandhamal Day August 23, 2022

The Bible Society of India commemorates Kandhamal Day to stand in solidarity with all Christians — Children, Youth and Adults who faced the Kandhamal religious violence and to remember victims of targeted violence against Christian Adivasis and Dalits, and to express solidarity with all victims of hate and violence across India…….

Observance of International Literacy Day on September 8, 2022

The family of the Bible Society of India, throughout the Central Offices, Translation Centre Shillong and all our 17 Auxiliaries observed the International Literacy Day declared by the United Nations Organization on September 8, 2022, in our respective offices. This day was observed with morning prayer by following a very meaningful Order of Worship prepared by the Media and Special Audience Department, Bible Society of India….

Message from the Indigenous Delegates of the 11 th  Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Karlsruhe, Germany from August 28 to September 9, 2022.

The theme of this Assembly was to “Christ’s Love Moving the World to Reconciliation and Unity”. On this overarching theme, many workshops and presentations were held from various perspectives and platforms. Here is a message from the Ecumenical Indigenous Pre-Assembly meeting for the Christian World in general and for the Churches in particular drafted by Lori Ransom, a delegate from the Presbyterian Church in Canada……


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