The Bible Society of India serves all Churches in translating, publishing the Bible in many languages and distributing them among their congregations. The BSI is the handmaiden of the Church even as it is a Servant in God’s Mission. 

The 14th of November was observed as the Church Relations Day to reiterate the ‘Philadelphia Promise’ – “to serve all Christian Churches and remain fully committed to the principle of interconfessionality.” 


The Church Relations Department of the BSI organised a combined Prayer Fellowship at Logos Bhavan to celebrate the unity and “interconfessionality” of different denominational Churches that we serve.  Representatives from various denominations introduced the distinctives of their respective denominations and how each of them express the Christian faith in diverse ways at the fellowship meeting. We are thankful to 

  • Rev. Dr. Manohar Chandra Prasad (CSI), 
  • Rev. Jayawanth H T (Methodist),
  • Rev. Jeremiah Anderson (Lutheran), 
  • Rev Nghaklian Mawia (Presbyterian), 
  • Rev. Charley Jones (Mar Thoma Syrian Church), 
  • Pastor Hemanth Peter (Baptist) 
  • Mr. Hector Poppen (Catholic Church) 


and all other pastors who participated in the Prayer Fellowship. Rev. Dr. M. Mani Chacko, the General Secretary of the BSI delivered an inspirational message. The service helped all of us to celebrate the diversity of our confessional expressions, worship patterns and faith traditions. It challenged us to be faithful to Christ’s call for the unity of His Church.

The BSI-Church relations day helped us to strengthen our resolve to be at the serve Churches and work towards strengthening relationships with God’s wider faith community. Continue to pray for the Bible Society of India as we work alongside different Churches for the Bible Cause. 

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