Bible Sunday was observed on December 4, 2022 in different churches all over the state of Mizoram Mizoram with two selected themes. Rev. Remlalfaka, Auxiliary Secretary attended the forenoon service at BCM Bethlehem Vengthlang Church, and the afternoon and night service at PCI Durtlang Church as a speaker. Bible Sunday programme was greatly appreciated by members of the Churches. Auxiliary Secretary was accompanied by Auxiliary Staff and BESY Choir who presented beautiful songs.



Below is a pictorial presentation of a Mizo lady from the Aizawl Auxiliary, her name is Mrs. Hautiali, age 78 from Melbuk Presbyterian Church, which is located in the eastern side of Mizoram at a distance of 198.6 kms from Aizawl, capital of Mizoram and about 7 hrs 13 minutes journey by road. She collects iron and aluminum waste from individual houses, and sells them to a scrap dealer from her village every month. From whatever she collects, she will offer tithe to the Church and remaining without missing a penny she will donate for the ministry of the BSI. She does this every month no matter how much she collect; it may be between USD 5 to 20 a month. She is a great inspiration for many, the haves and haves – not to contribute for the Bible cause. (source: Elder Denghmingthanga, Secretary – CPRRMD sub-committee, Aizawl Auxiliary)