Braille Bibles in Seven More New Languages

This year, The Bible Society of India (BSI) will be publishing seven new Braille Bibles in Saurashtra, Rabha, Ao-Naga, Angami-Naga, Biate, Sumi, and Mara languages. This is a significant step towards providing visually impaired individuals with access to the holy scriptures in their heart language. The production of these Bibles is part of BSI’s ongoing mission to promote inclusivity and equality within the church.

The proofreading process for these Braille Bibles has been completed, and they are now ready for publication. The BSI has already produced 15 Braille Bibles in the past, and the addition of these seven new ones will further expand the reach of these important tools.

The Braille Bible is an essential tool for visually impaired individuals to access the Holy scriptures. It provides them with a means to connect with their faith and deepen their understanding of Biblical teachings. The joy of reading God’s Word in the heart language can be seen on the face of the proofreaders.

The BSI is grateful to donors who pray for the success of this project and donate generously to support the production and dissemination of these Braille Bibles. With the help of these donations, the BSI can continue to produce and distribute Braille Bibles to those who need them most. Supporting the production of Braille Bibles is not just a charitable act but also a step towards building a more inclusive society. It is essential that we continue to work towards creating a world that values diversity and promotes inclusivity.

The production and publication of these seven new Braille Bibles is a significant achievement for the BSI. We ask that you take a moment to join hands, pray, and contribute towards the Bible cause so that visually impaired people have access to the Bible.