Freedom to be what we are meant to be – Luke 15:11-32

Freedom and independence are the words we all love and strive to experience in our personal and community lives. This year, as we celebrated our 75th Independence Day, we were reminded once again of the struggle and the sacrifices of many who made it possible. God never intended for us to be enslaved; rather, God desires that we be free. In the parable of the so-called “prodigal son” Jesus teaches us how and where we can truly enjoy and experience freedom…

Mr. Caleb Martin,

Associate Director, Media and Special Audience Department.

Observance of Kandhamal Day August 23, 2022

The Bible Society of India commemorates Kandhamal Day to stand in solidarity with all Christians — Children, Youth and Adults who faced the Kandhamal religious violence and to remember victims of targeted violence against Christian Adivasis and Dalits, and to express solidarity with all victims of hate and violence across India…….

Observance of International Literacy Day on September 8, 2022

The family of the Bible Society of India, throughout the Central Offices, Translation Centre Shillong and all our 17 Auxiliaries observed the International Literacy Day declared by the United Nations Organization on September 8, 2022, in our respective offices. This day was observed with morning prayer by following a very meaningful Order of Worship prepared by the Media and Special Audience Department, Bible Society of India….

Message from the Indigenous Delegates of the 11 th  Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Karlsruhe, Germany from August 28 to September 9, 2022.

The theme of this Assembly was to “Christ’s Love Moving the World to Reconciliation and Unity”. On this overarching theme, many workshops and presentations were held from various perspectives and platforms. Here is a message from the Ecumenical Indigenous Pre-Assembly meeting for the Christian World in general and for the Churches in particular drafted by Lori Ransom, a delegate from the Presbyterian Church in Canada……

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BSI Bimonthly E-NEWSLETTER September 2023

Rev Dirk Gevers, Secretary General, United Bible Societies with the Bible Society of India

It was a great joy for the Bible Society of India to have Rev Dirk Gevers, Secretary General, the United Bible Societies (UBS) on August 21 and 22, 2023. It was good to have Mr. Andrian White too, the Chief Operating Officer of UBS with Dr. Gevers during these two days. Our UBS guests were honoured with our Indian traditional Kashmere Shawls and with a logo of the Bible Society of India as a memento. The visit encompassed significant events including the BSI Ecumenical Evening hosted on behalf of our UBS Guests on August 21, where Church leaders, institutional heads and well wishers of the BSI from Bangalore were invited to honor our UBS guests. The General Secretary of the Bible Society of India, Rev. Dr. Kavito G Zhimo welcomed all our esteemed and significant guests with great joy. We were extremely happy to have the BSI President Rev Dr. Mrs. Leelavathi Vemuri, Msgr Dr. S. Jayanathan, Vicar General, Archbishop Diocesan of Bangalore, Rev. Priyantha Wijegoonawardene, GS, Ceylon Bible Society, Dr Julian Sundarsingh and members of Global Mission Team, UBS with all our valued invitees to make the Ecumenical Evening a great event.

The evening was graced by remarkable performances that exemplified the rich cultural tapestry of India and the unity that faith fosters. The Bangalore Mizo Association – Students of Kristu Jayanthi College, Bangalore presented a mesmerizing Mizo Cultural Dance called “Cheraw.” This traditional dance, characterized by the rhythmic tapping of bamboo sticks and nimble steps of the dancers, showcased the Mizo heritage and celebrated the harmony between tradition and the modernity. Adding to the cultural mosaic was a Bharatanatyam solo dance performed by the talented Ms. Harshitha R, a science student of St. Joseph’s University, Bangalore This classical dance form, deeply rooted in Indian tradition, conveyed a sense of devotion and spirituality. The performance captivated the audience with its intricate movements and expressive storytelling. The musical segment of the evening was equally enchanting. Ms. Lalthanpuii and Mr. Malsawmdawngliana graced the stage with their melodious voices, rendering two beautiful songs that touched the hearts of all present. The music transcended linguistic and cultural boundaries, resonating with the essence of the event – God’s Word for all tongues and tribes.

The visit of Rev Dirk Gevers and Mr. Andrian White commenced with the Morning Devotion at the Logos, BSI Central Office in Bangalore on August 21 at 9:00 am, during which Rev Dirk Gevers delivered a thought-provoking sermon. His message centered on the theme of God’s sustaining love, protection, blessings and grace based on Psalm 107. On August 22 in the Morning Devotion Mr Andrian White led us into a time of reflection from the book of Nehemiah. He emphasised the importance of working in partnership by trusting the leaders, with a well organised structure as Nehemiah did plan in rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple, a model, which is very well fitting for the UBS, operating from more than 200 countries across the world for the Bible cause.

We seek the blessings of God for Rev Dirk Gevers and for all the Global Mission Team leaders of UBS as they lead the Bible ministry across the continents. We give honour and thanks to our Almighty God, who makes all things possible and wonderful for those who give their heart for the Bible cause.

Celebration of International Youth Day

On August 11, 2023, along with the world wide international youth body, the BSI celebrated the International Youth Day with a theme “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World” by following a common Order of Worship prepared by the Dimapur Auxiliary. A very meaningful prayer time was spent in all 17 Auxiliaries and Central Offices. As BSI is tuning our mission focus on youth, this year’s International Youth Day celebration dwells with the importance of youth as leaders not only for future, but as leaders of our present day’s BSI ministry.

Flag Hoisting on the 77th Independence Day

Our country India, the second largest democracy and the largest population in the world hoisted the national flag, signifying the 77th year of independence from the British rule on August 15, 2023. Rev Dr Along W. Jamir, Director, Translation Department solemnly hoisted the national flag, and gave a powerful Independence Day  message by reminding us of how important it is for Christian to hold on to the truth that we confess, and to be the faithful citizens who always strive for the harmony of the people amidst our differences and diverse cultural background and languages. He emphasised the important roles the BSI is playing for the country by taking the task of bringing the Word of God into the heart language of many. Dwelling on the passage in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6 Verse 33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Dr Along reminded us of the duty of the Christians to seek God’s Kingdom first in all our doing so that we may follow the Gospel of truth, justice and righteousness in the ministry we are called to be God’s witness. Flag hoisting was done in all the BSI 17 Auxiliaries where prayer was offered for the leaders of our nation and for all the citizens to experience the true meaning of freedom.

Celebration of William Carey Day

On August 17, 2023, for the first time, the Bible Society of India celebrated the 262nd birthday of Rev Dr. William Carey as part of its significant day in the history of BSI by following the common Order of Worship prepared by the Calcutta Auxiliary. William Carey, often referred to as the “Father of Modern Missions,” was born in 1761 in a humble village in England. From his early years, he displayed an insatiable curiosity and a deep sense of purpose. His journey took him from being a shoemaker to becoming a renowned linguist, scholar, and missionary trailblazer.

Carey’s impact on the realm of missions and Bible translation was nothing short of transformative. At a time when the concept of global missions was not widely embraced, Carey championed the idea that the Gospel message should reach every corner of the world. He famously declared, “Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God.” This rallying cry epitomized his ethos of unwavering faith and determination.

One of Carey’s most significant contributions was his pioneering efforts in linguistic studies and Bible translation. Recognizing the power of language in conveying the depth of God’s message, Carey dedicated himself to mastering multiple languages, including Sanskrit and Bengali. Carey translated the Bible into Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, and Sanskrit. He also translated parts of it into 29 other languages and dialects. His translation work extended beyond the written word; it was a bridge connecting diverse cultures to the life-changing truths of the Gospel.

In 1793, Carey and his fellow missionaries embarked on an arduous journey to India, a land of unfamiliar languages, customs, and challenges. Yet, despite the trials they faced, Carey’s commitment to sharing the message of love and redemption remained unshaken. Carey’s legacy extended beyond his linguistic and translation endeavors. He laid the foundation for modern missions by establishing schools, advocating for social reforms, and fostering the growth of indigenous leadership within the local communities. His holistic approach to mission work demonstrated his deep understanding of the interconnectedness of spiritual and societal transformation. One of the greatest legacy William Carey left for the Indian community behind is the establishment of Serampore College, Serampore in West Bengal in 15 July 1818, when Serampore was a part of a Danish colony. King Frederick VI of Denmark granted a Royal Charter giving Serampore College the status of a University to confer degrees.

In the year 1811 February 21, due to the heavy work load and increasing demand on Bible translation into many Indian languages, William Carey’s translation mission work was handed over to the British and Foreign Bible Society in Calcutta, entitled “The Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society” with the same objectives as those in London. Henceforth, the responsibility of Bible translation, printing and distribution is in the hand of the Bible Society of India. The Bible Society of India therefore recorded the February 21, 1811 as the date on which the Bible Society of India is founded.

Acknowledgement: A few pictures taken by Rev Laltlankima, faculty Serampore College, the tomb, the building, the original museum pieces from the William Carey Museum, Serampore.

Observance of Indian Christian Witness Day

August 23 finds its significant space in the calendar of the Indian communities, especially among the Christian community as we remember the onslaught on Christians living in Kandhamal town at Phulbani District in Odisha in the year 2008, resulting in many horrifying deaths, destructions of church buildings, individual houses, shops and loss of huge properties. Thousands of them are left in deep pain, with immense traumatizing memories as innocent girls and women were gang-raped, many were arrested as culprits, some were convicted for life imprisonment.
This year for the first time, the BSI observed this August 23, as Indian Christian Witness Day, remembering those who paid the price for being faithful to their faith in Christ. The BSI staff from all the Central Offices and the 17 Auxiliaries gathered together virtually, spending time together in prayer, reflecting on the power of Christian witness. We had Dr. John Dayal, a well known personality in India, who, in his 54-years professional career had been a Crime reporter, War Correspondent, Editor, Author and occasional documentary film maker, a social and political activist on issues of human rights, freedom of faith, nuclear disarmament and in the movement against capital punishment. A former President of the All India Catholic Union (founded 1919), former Secretary General of the All India Christian Council, and member of the Indian Government’s National Integration Council (NIC). He is an outspoken person in his opposition to nuclear weapons, death penalty, bigotry, targeted hate and violence through print media and television. We were all challenged by the powerful message from Dr. John Dayal to stand firm on our faith and in our fight against injustices wherever we are. Special prayer was offered for the state of Manipur – for the political unrest to settle; for victims of violence, families of those who were murdered, victims of gang rape, displaced families who fled to safety for their lives, who are terribly truamatised, lost everything they had when their homes and properties were burnt to ashes, for Christian community who are tortured and their worshipping places were burnt and vandalised. The message from Dr. John Dayal about Christian love, resilience and perseverance amidst trials and challenging situations has truly conveyed the essence of ‘Christian Witness’ today.

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BSI Bimonthly E-NEWSLETTER August 2023

Biblical Reflection on International Indigenous Issues to mark the Indigenous Day and Bible Society of India’s Celebration of Tribal and Adivasi Day on August 9, 2023.

On the occasion of International Indigenous Day, we the Bible Society of India celebrated Tribal and Adivasi Day in all the BSI Auxiliary Offices across India and Central office. In our Auxiliaries, each Secretary led the worship with meaningful reflection on the theme from a biblical perspective. At the Central Office, Logos in Bangalore, along with the staff of Karnataka Auxiliary all gathered for worship. The General Secretary of BSI, Rev. Dr. Kavito G. Zhimo delivered a very challenging message by focusing on the International Theme “Indigenous Youth as Agents of Change For Self-Determination”. GS raised a very pertinent question saying, do we give the Indigenous Youth room to be the agents of change for self-determination”? He further stated that even as the world given to them is infested with political and social hierarchical corruption where the norms of life are already within the corrupted frame, will there be any space left for the Youth to be the agents of change for self-determination? However, Rev Dr. Kavito didn’t stop on this harsh social reality but moved on to say, there are chances for the youth today if the parents, leaders in the society and political arena are ready to mend our ways for social justice by paving the way for youth to let their voices be heard.

A short biblical reflection on the Indigenous issues for our contemplation:

It is an opportunity to reflect on biblical perspectives that can help us understand and address international indigenous issues. The Bible offers guidance and principles that can inform our understanding of indigenous peoples and their unique struggles. Here are a few key reflections:

  1. Human Dignity and Equality: The Bible teaches that all human beings are created in the image of God and possess inherent dignity and worth (Genesis 1:27). This includes indigenous peoples, who should be treated with respect and equality. Recognizing and affirming the rights, cultures, and identities of indigenous communities is a biblical imperative.
  2. Stewardship of Creation: The Bible emphasizes the responsibility of humanity to care for and be stewards of God’s creation (Genesis 2:15). Indigenous peoples shared an intrinsic relationship with all creation, especially the land, seeing it as a sacred gift. Their traditional knowledge and sustainable practices are valuable lessons in caring for the environment and living in harmony with nature.
  3. Justice and Fairness: Throughout the Bible, there is a call for justice and fairness for all people, particularly those who are marginalized or oppressed (Micah 6:8). Many indigenous communities have faced historical injustices, including land dispossession, cultural assimilation, and discrimination. It is important to acknowledge these injustices and work towards reconciliation, restorative justice, and empowerment of indigenous peoples.
  4. Cultural Diversity and Unity: The Bible celebrates the diversity of cultures and languages (Revelation 7:9). Indigenous cultures contribute to the richness of human diversity and should be valued and preserved. The Bible also speaks of unity in the body of Christ, transcending cultural and ethnic differences (Galatians 3:28). We should promote dialogue, understanding, and collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous communities to build bridges of unity.
  5. Healing and Restoration: The Bible offers hope and speaks of healing and restoration for individuals and communities (Isaiah 61:1-4). Many indigenous peoples have experienced intergenerational trauma and continue to face social, economic, and health disparities. It is essential to work towards healing, reconciliation, and empowerment, ensuring that indigenous voices are heard, and their rights are protected.

As we reflect on these biblical principles, let us remember that genuine transformation requires action. May this special day celebration serve as a catalyst for advocacy, awareness, and meaningful engagement with Indigenous/Tribal/Adivasi issues, as we seek justice, reconciliation, and flourishing for all peoples, by leaving no one behind.

Like many countries around the world, the Indigenous community in India, officially called Tribal and unofficially Adivasi, are the target of atrocities from the capitalist, multinational business corporates in partnership with the Central and/or State Government. Heavy political pressure is on from the business tycoon upon the Government to snatch away the land of the indigenous people for the natural resources within their habitats. The constitution of India has strong laws and many Acts to protect the indigenous/tribal land, their rights, their food, cultures, language, etc.  But sad and hurting to say, there are unending attempts to take away their rights and protection from various corners in order to snatch away the natural resources from their lands. It is painful to see the rights and dignity of Tribals and Adivasis are no more respected in this country. May God help us to understand the biblical principles of love and the way of life for all human beings in this world.

By Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi
A/D Church, Public and Resource Mobilisation Department

Bible Society of India with Northeast India Diaspora Community in Bangalore City

For the upcoming World Assembly of the United Bible Societies in October 2023, one of the important subjects for discussion is serving the Diaspora communities in our regions. The BSI is committed to serving the Diaspora community individually and creating a Diaspora Response Hub to focus on serving the Communities in collaboration with different Bible Societies in the world. Not only outside of our country, but within our own country.

Under the leadership of the General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Kavito G. Zhimo, the BSI Central office, for the first time had organised the BSI Fellowship Tea with the Christian community leaders of the North East India Diaspora in Bangalore city on June 23rd 2023 in Logos building. Around 25 members across different ethnic background from Northeast India gathered in singing praises to God and prayer. It was a wonderful moment of sharing, enlightening and getting to know each other for a better relationship, and to build communitarian bond on various levels with Christian love.

Kerala Auxiliary Stories

1:1 BSI Kumily Branch Reformation: On 15th July 2023, BSI Kumily Branch reformation meeting was held at CSI Christ Church, Kumily. The Vicar, Rev Aneesh P. Joseph presided the meeting. The Auxiliary Secretary gave the inaugural address. The new Branch committee was formed with youth and women representatives. The following leaders were elected as the office bearers: Branch President, Fr. Kuriakose Varghese (Orthodox Church, Kumily); Branch Secretary, Mr. P. D. Daniel (St Peter’s MarThoma Church, Kumily); Treasurer, Mr. D. Mohan Raj (Christ CSI Church Kumily).The clergies, pastors and members from different churches graced the occasion with their prayerful presence.

1:2 Preliminary Meeting & Prayer for Manipur: In connection with the reformation of BSI Elappara Branch, the Auxiliary Secretary visited and attended the Divine Service at St. George CSI Church Pallikkunnu on 16th July 2023. It was decided to conduct the Branch Reformation meeting on 26th August 2023, 2pm at Elappara CSI Church. After the Worship, the Church conducted a rally & special prayer for the suffering people at Manipur. The Auxiliary Secretary led in the Holy Communion Service, shared from the Word and participated in the special prayer for Manipur. We are thankful to the great support & co-operation of vicar, Rev Liju Abraham, committee members and congregation.

BSI Chalakudy Branch, on 27th July 2023 conducted an intercessory prayer meeting with the special prayer subject – Manipur and the brothers and sisters of the state who are undergoing such a difficult situation of mental, physical, spiritual and social torture. This ecumenical gathering gave strength and courage that we are all one in Christ and our meaningful prayers would be answered by God. The Branch got extended and expanded with the representation of all the possible local Churches in and around Chalakudy who are co-operating in the all activities of the Branch. We appreciate the great efforts of the Branch leaders & thank all the clergies, pastors, elders and believers who took the pain in coming together for the noble cause.

1:3: New Branch formation: BSI Anakara Branch, Idukki

BSI Anakkara Branch in Idukki Region formed as the 149th branch in Kerala Auxiliary at Anakkara CSI St. Paul’s Church on 30th July 2023. The Vicar, Rev Sadheesh Wilson presided the meeting. The Auxiliary Secretary, Rev. Jacob Antony Koodathinkal gave the inaugural address. The clergies, pastors and members from various churches attended the meeting. The new Branch committee was formed with youth and women representatives. The following leaders were elected as the office bearers: Rev Sadheesh Wilson, President; Mr. Williams C Simon, Secretary; Mr. Manoj Kulangara, Treasurer. We appreciate the hard work and support of Rev. Sadheesh Achen and all clergies and pastors for making the new branch formation a great blessing.

Stories from the Telangana Auxiliary: Scripture Engagement Through Women Project. Distributions of 500 Bibles

On 30th April 2023, the Auxiliary Secretary, Rev John Basy Paul personally visited Pedapally Branch and distributed Bibles to the deserving Christian community. The Bibles were distributed in and around the Pedapally area.  People of these churches are impoverished, but their love for Bibles and their support for the Bible cause is commendable. Despite their poverty and challenges, they send their yearly support to the Bible Society. The Bibles we distributed to them are our gratitude for their committed support of the Bible cause.

On 18th June 2023, the Armoor branch officers visited many churches in the interior areas and distributed the Bibles to the needy in and around the Armoor area. Branch officers got an opportunity to experience the grassroot realities through this scripture engagement program.

On 26th June 2023, the Bhadrachallam branch officers visited interior villages like Chinanallaballi village, Bhadrachalam village, Laxminagaram village, Bandirevi village, Narayanraopeta village, etc., and they distributed the Bibles to the needy with the help of the church pastors.

Tamilnadu Auxiliary Stories

Farewell of Mr. Ranjit Thomas Paul

A farewell function for Mr. Ranjith Thomas Paul was held on 31.05.2023 (Wednesday) forenoon in the Bible House, Chennai. We give thanks to God for the 38 years of faithful service Mr. Ranjith Thomas Paul had rendered to BSI. With thankful hearts we bid him farewell with many blessings as he embarks on a new journey in life.

Rev. Jacob Selvan, Senior CSI Presbyter was invited to the programme. Rev. D. Manogar offered the Opening Prayer and B. Manoba felicitated Mr. Ranjith Thomas Paul.  The Sr. Auxiliary Secretary Rev. P. Moses Devadason appreciated the service rendered by Mr. Ranjith Thomas Paul and for his integrity and dedication. Mr Ranjit was presented a memento with cash gift from the BSI management. Mrs. R. Premalatha read the Word of God and Rev. Jacob Selvan shared the message.

Mr. Ranjith Thomas Paul  in his response was grateful to God for enabling him to carry out his responsibilities  faithfully in BSI for the past 38 years and acknowledged the support he received from his parents and his family members to join the BSI from the year 1985 till retirement in 2023. The closing prayer and  benediction was offered by Rev. Jacob Selvan, Sr. Presbyter, CSI Church. 

Thirappin Vasal Jebam at Jesus Redeems

On 24th June, 2023 from 9.00 am to 3.00 p.m “Thirappin Vasal Jebam (Prayer)” was held at Jesus Redeems, in Nalumavadi. Mr. J Suresh Kumar, our Marketing Assistant, shared about the formation of  Bible Society (Mary Jones’ Story), Missionary Bartholomew Ziegenbalg, a German Missionary (Tamil Bible History story) and BSI Ministries of Translation, Production, Distribution & Braille Bible for Visually  Challenged People  in the “Thirappin Vasal Jebam”.

We thank God for the wonderful response from the congregation through the retiring offertory rendered to the BSI.  We thank Evangelist Brother Mohan C. Lazarus, of Jesus Redeems for motivating his congregation to support this vital ministry.

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BSI Bimonthly E-NEWSLETTER July 2023

Scripture Engagement

Scripture engagement is an interaction with the biblical text in a way that provides sufficient opportunity for the text to speak for itself by the power of the Holy Spirit, enabling readers and listeners to hear the voice of God and discover for themselves the uniqueness of the Bible and claim Jesus Christ is making upon the readers and his followers.
Bible engagement is also a process whereby people are connected with the Bible such that they have meaningful encounters with Jesus Christ and their lives are progressively transformed in Him. Bible engagement is the process of taking in and living out God’s Word for the purpose of knowing him better and experiencing him more.

I extend my gratitude to God for enabling me to attend the Scripture Engagement Forum in Da Nang City of Vietnam from 9th May – 11th May 2023. My heartfelt thanks to our General Secretary for giving me this opportunity to learn a few of the very essential steps & strategies of Scripture engagement from this Forum.

It was a very important forum to rethink the strategies of Scripture Engagement that the British and Foreign Bible Society have designed for the members of the United Bible Societies. The discussions held in this Forum surely help us to strategically plan for a better outcome in our BSI ministry in the days to come. Huge thanks to our General Secretary for taking the initiative to develop Auxiliaries as well as appreciating his attempt to equip and update the Secretaries with the various Seminars and training that would help us to work very efficiently in our respective mission fields.

Rev Soma Bhatkar
Sr. Auxiliary Secretary, Ranchi Auxiliary

 Thanksgiving and Farewell for Mr. E. Ashith, Senior Director – Production Department, BSI

On June 30th, 2023 at 4:00 pm, the Central office staff of BSI gathered together in William Carey Centre, Hall Road Office to express our heartfelt gratitude and bid farewell to a good leader, Mr. E. Ashith, Senior Director of the Production Department. After an astounding 40 years of dedicated service to BSI, Mr. Ashith will embark on a new chapter in his life. This occasion not only allows us to celebrate his exceptional career but also enables us to acknowledge the immense impact he has made on BSI. Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Ashith’s warm and approachable demeanor has endeared him to colleagues across all levels of the organization. It was wonderful to have his family members in our midst.

On behalf of the BSI family, Rev Dr. Kavito G. Zhimo, the General Secretary presented Mr. E. Ashith with a shawl, gift, and memento. Mr. Paul Stephen and Mr George Samuel gave a wonderful tribute to him. Also, a special gift was given to him by Rev Sudhahara Raju on behalf of the Staff Welfare Association of Central Office Staff.  The BSI choir rendered a beautiful farewell song.  The programme was beautifully led by Mr Pradeep Kumar Suna. Mrs. Gladys Loganathan offered a word of prayer for Mr. E. Ashit and Rev Dr. Along Jamir closed the programme with prayer and benediction.

Indian Christian Day:

The Bible Society of India (BSI) celebrated the Indian Christian Day on July 3, 2023, in commemoration of the Apostle Thomas, who arrived in Kerala, India, in the first half of the first century AD. The theme for this year’s observance was “Celebrate the Impact of Christian Education in the Development of Modern India.” Special prayers were offered across the country to honor the significant contributions of Christianity to India’s progress in the field of Education, Medical Sciences, Health and Family Welfare, Politics, Development, etc.

The Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary organized a conference to mark this day by inviting partners and supporters at St. Paul’s CSI Church in Visakhapatnam. The Keynote address was delivered by Rev. K. John Vikram, Auxiliary Secretary. While Prof. Rev. K. Ranjith Kumar spoke on the History of St. Thomas in India and the background of the celebration of Indian Christian Day, Rev. Srikanth James addressed the current challenges of the church in India in the light of violence in Manipur. Nearly one hundred people were present including BSI branch officials, church leaders, and ministers. 

Rev Brajendra Kumar Kauri, Secretary of the Odisha Auxiliary led the meditation and reflected on the theme in their Morning Worship. Special prayers were held throughout the nation, acknowledging the arrival of Apostle Thomas and his influence on the Christian community in India. 

Summer Bible Camps of the Ranchi Auxiliary:

Months of May and June have been very busy months for the Bible ministry. Ranchi Auxiliary is deeply involved in many children, youth, and women’s activities like Vocational Bible School, Day with the Bible, and Summer Bible camps in different Churches. Free distribution of Bibles to deserving people and connecting them to the Bible ministry done through a celebration of Bible Sundays, Leaders meet & Bible exhibition is joyful with fulfilling activities. The Auxiliary Secretary had the privilege to speak to more than 1000 young boys and girls and women who took part in the various Summer Bible camps and seminars organized by CNI and NWGEL Church. Ranchi Auxiliary had the opportunity to bring the people closer to the Scripture through messages, testimony & stories and reach people through various Scripture engagement programs.

Partnership Ministry with Action Ministry:

It was a Summer Children’s Bible Quiz Competition organised by Action Ministry (A Ministry of Global Action) in partnership with the Bible Society of India, Associate Auxiliary Andaman and Nicobar Islands at Dollygunj, Port Blair on 10th June 2023. Due to heavy rain some of the expected members could not participate.  After the ice-breaking session, Mr. Lipok Jamir, Regional Coordinator of the Action Ministry conducted a very interactive Bible quiz.  The children were divided into six groups according to their age. Finally, there was a prize distribution of Bibles then closed the programme with prayer and benediction offered by Rev. Joseph Raj. As a matter of fact, it was such a joyful moment for the children when the Children’s Bible was given to them as a prize. They are so grateful to the ministry of the Bible Society of India and have assured us of their prayer and support. As one of the parents exclaimed, saying “The Bible Society is doing marvelous work and their work is and will always remain remarkable.” We sincerely thank the CPRRMD for providing Children’s Project Bible free of cost.

 News from Kerala Auxiliary:

New Branch formation: BSI Thamarassery-Puthuppady Branch, Kozhikode

BSI Thamarassery-Puthuppady Branch in Kozhikode Region formed as the 148th branch in Kerala Auxiliary at Ebenezer MarThoma Church, Puthuppady on 24th June 2023.

Rev Aneesh Raju (Vicar, Thamarassery St.Peter’s MarThoma Church & Puthuppady Ebenezer MarThoma Church) presided the meeting. The Auxiliary Secretary gave the Inaugural Address. Clergies, Pastors, Regional Co-ordinator Mrs. Viola Kuruvilla, branch leaders, and members graced the occasion. The following persons were elected as the Branch Office bearers: Rev Aneesh Raju, President; Mr. Thomas P Mathew, Secretary; Mr. Babu AK, Treasurer. And a good number of members from various churches including youth & women representatives elected as Committee members. We appreciate the hard work and support of Co-ordinators Mrs. Viola Kuruvilla, Mr. Roy Cheeran, Mr. Prince Thomas, Mr. Elson Paul, and all the local clergies and pastors for making the new branch formation a great blessing.

Mary Jones Fellowship Women’s Conference, Valakom

BSI Valakom (Kottarakara) Branch – Mary Jones fellowship women’s conference, activity inauguration and committee formation held at St. Thomas MarThoma Church, Pullemcode on 4th June 2023 at 3.30 pm. The Meeting was presided by the Branch President, Rev Georgie Varghese. The Auxiliary Secretary, Rev. Jacob Antony Koodathinkal inaugurated the programme and Sister Minitha Thampan gave the Key Note Address. We really appreciate the Branch Secretary, Mr. KG Thomas and all other leaders for the great co-ordination. We praise God & thank all the branch members for the activities of the recently formed Valakom Branch are exemplary.

Hearty Congratulation! Mr. Febin Jose Thomas (254th rank, UPSC)

 We praise God & extend our appreciation to Mr. Febin Jose Thomas, (the first prize winner in the “BSI Kerala Auxiliary, Y. Mathew Memorial Elocution Competition – 2015”) who is now laureled with another major achievement, 254th rank in the prestigious UPSC Civil Service Examination. Febin is the son of Mr. Jose Thomas & Mrs. Latha, Jose Bhavan, Pidavoor, Pathanapuram (a mechanical engineer from NIT, Calicut). May the Word of God continue to be a lamp to his feet and a light to his path. We pray & wish him all success in the future too.

Sowing Circle

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Reflection on Psalm 104: Appreciating God’s Creation and Our Responsibilities

As the whole world had just celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5th, 2023 let me reflect in a few lines from one of the most beautiful Creation Psalm found in our Bible Psalm 104. This Psalm invites us to contemplate the beauty and intricacy of God’s creation, emphasizing the interconnectivity between the natural world and the divine. As we reflect on this psalm, we are reminded of our role as stewards of the Earth and the responsibility we have to care for and protect the environment...

By Dr. Hrangthan Chhungi

A/D – Church, Public Relations and Resource Mibilisation

Observance of UN World Environment Day in the Bible Society of India

On June 5th, 2023 the Bible Society of India, celebrated World Environment Day as part of the Combined Prayer Fellowship of the central Office and the 17 Auxiliaries across India. The event took place virtually on Zoom platform. The highlight of the occasion was a thought-provoking message delivered by Rev. Dr. Rohan Gideon, Professor of Theology at the United Theological College…

Braille Bibles in Seven More New Languages

The Bible Society of India (BSI) will be publishing seven new Braille Bibles in Saurashtra, Rabha, Ao-Naga, Angami-Naga, Biate, Sumi, and Mara languages. This is a significant step towards providing visually impaired individuals with access to the holy scriptures in their heart language…

Transforming Lives: Five New Audio Bible Productions Underway

In a world where accessibility to the Bible texts can be a challenge for various individuals, the production of audio Bibles has emerged as a powerful tool. These audio versions serve as a valuable resource for the visually impaired, elderly, sick, and working people, enabling them to engage with God’s Word and find solace…

ODISHA AUXILIARY: Scripture Engagement and Distribution of 250 Children Bibles:

the BSI Odisha Auxiliary organized a Scripture Engagement program with the objective of providing Children Bibles to underprivileged 250 children in the Roman Catholic Churches of Khurda District…


After receiving the surprised gift of the Children’s Pictorial Bible from the Bible Society of India, Supria Singh was speechless for a moment and then expressed immense joy and gratitude…


PROCLAIM – BSI Musical Evening and New Branch formation: BSI Poojapura Branch, Trivandrum….


The national Bible fair was conducted in Tirunelveli for the first time in association with Tamil Nadu Auxiliary and The Book Room. The exhibition was inaugurated by Bishop Rt Rev Barnabas of CSI Tirunelveli Diocese and was well attended by the Church leaders and pastors…

Celebrating a Milestone: New Testament Translation

In a significant achievement for the Mundari community of Odisha, India, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Bible Society of India and the Indian Bible Translators for their dedicated efforts in completing the translation of the New Testament into the Mundari language….

Pawri New Testament Translation

The Pawri indigenous people, residing in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Eastern Maharashtra in India, have recently received a significant milestone in their spiritual journey. The translation of the New Testament into their language marks a momentous achievement, made possible by the dedicated efforts of the Friends Missionary Prayer Bands in partnership with the Bible Society of India…

In Loving Memory of Rev Dr. Simon Peter Mukhama CEO and General Secretary, Bible Society of Uganda

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we bid farewell to our dear friend, Rev Dr. Simon Peter Mukhama, who departed to glory on the morning of May 12, 2023, in Uganda. As CEO and General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda, Rev Dr. Simon played a vital role in advancing the mission of spreading the Word of God throughout the nation…

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In Loving Memory of Rev Dr. Simon Peter Mukhama CEO and General Secretary, Bible Society of Uganda

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we bid farewell to our dear friend, Rev Dr. Simon Peter Mukhama, who departed to glory on the morning of May 12, 2023, in Uganda. As CEO and General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda, Rev Dr. Simon played a vital role in advancing the mission of spreading the Word of God throughout the nation. His vibrant personality, infectious laughter, lively conversations and humble demeanor endeared him to all who had the privileged of knowing him.

One of Rev Dr. Simon’s remarkable qualities was his ability to connect with people effortlessly. His genuine warmth, friendliness, and genuine interest in others created an environment where meaningful relationships could flourish. He possessed a sharp mind and a quick wit, engaging in lively conversations that left a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to converse with him. His intelligence and wisdom were evidence in his speeches, which inspired and challenged people to grow in their faith and in their journey of hospitality in giving what they can for the Bible cause.

As a dear friend of the Bible Society of India, Rev Dr. Simon’s presence and contributions will be deeply missed. His unwavering dedication to the cause of spreading the Gospel, combined with his charismatic personality, left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of working alongside him. His impact extends far beyond the borders of Uganda, as his commitment to God’s Word transcended cultural and geographical boundaries.

While we mourn the loss of Rev Dr. Simon, we take solace in the knowledge that he has been called home to his eternal reward. We give thanks for his life, his friendship, and his profound influence on the Bible Society community. Let us remember Rev Dr. Simon’s laughter, his vibrant spirit, and the wisdom he shared. May his memory serve as a constant reminder of the values he embodied and inspire us to continue the important work of spreading God’s word with the same passion and dedication.

Simon Peter has served for many years in different leadership roles:

  • Member of the Global Council (by election): November 2017 – November 2022;
  • Member of the Finance & Audit Committee (by appointment): since November 2017;
  • Vice Chair of the Fellowship Council (by election): since November 2022;
  • Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees (by appointment): since November 2022;
  • Member of the Solidarity Fund Oversight Group since September 2021;
  • Member of the Oversight Group for the World Assembly in October 2023.

He was also the Chair of the Africa Mission Sustainability Clusters Taskforce and a member of the Africa Affinity Group Steering Committee.

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Pawri New Testament Translation

The Pawri indigenous people, residing in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Eastern Maharashtra in India, have recently received a significant milestone in their spiritual journey. The translation of the New Testament into their language marks a momentous achievement, made possible by the dedicated efforts of the Friends Missionary Prayer Bands in partnership with the Bible Society of India.

The translation of the New Testament into the language of the Pawri indigenous people is a testament in bridging the gap between faith and culture. Recognizing the importance of making the scriptures accessible to all, these organizations undertook the challenging task of accurately translating the New Testament, ensuring that the message of the Gospel resonates with the hearts and minds of the Pawri community. Pawri is an Indo-Aryan language and about 70 % of Powar community members can speak & write Pawri language. As per the Indian census 2011 the population of native speaking Pawri are 325,772. According to Ethnologue, Pawri is spoken in the Balaghat, Seoni, districts of Madhya Pradesh, Bhandara, Nagpur and Gondia districts of Maharashtra.

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Celebrating a Milestone: New Testament Translation for the Mundari Community of Odisha, India:

In a significant achievement for the Mundari community of Odisha, India, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Bible Society of India and the Indian Bible Translators for their dedicated efforts in completing the translation of the New Testament into the Mundari language. This accomplishment is a testament to their commitment to ensuring that every community has access to the sacred scriptures in their own language. Let us take a moment to celebrate this milestone and recognize the impact it will have on the Mundari community.

The translated New Testament will serve as a guiding light, providing inspiration, solace, and guidance for the Mundari people as they navigate the complexities of life. This accomplishment serves as an inspiration for future endeavors in promoting linguistic inclusivity, preserving cultural heritage, and empowering marginalized communities worldwide.

Mundari is an Austric language of Odiya script. The Mundari speaking community are mainly concentrated in Odisha State in the districts of Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Sambalpur, Kendujhar, Baleshwar, Dhenkanal and Cuttack with a total population of 752,000 (2001 census). The New Testament is printed and dedicated on 2nd June 2023 at, IBT, Coimbatore.

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TAMIL NADU AUXILIARY: Bible Fair in Tirunelveli Town on May 12 – 14, 2023
The national Bible fair was conducted in Tirunelveli for the first time in association with Tamil Nadu Auxiliary and The Book Room. The exhibition was inaugurated by Bishop Rt Rev Barnabas of CSI Tirunelveli Diocese and was well attended by the Church leaders and pastors. The auxiliary conducted Pastors Meeting, Branch officers meeting and Book Shop owners meeting.

Varieties of Tamil Language Bibles, Scriptures for Children, English Scriptures, Theology Books were the attraction. Thousands of People from Tirunelveli and nearby cities visited the exhibition and witnessed the BSI ministry.

We thank and appreciate the efforts of the Tamil Nadu Auxiliary team and the Central office staff for successfully organising the event.

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PROCLAIM – BSI Musical Evening
As part of the Scripture Engagement Program, BSI Thiruvankulam Branch & BSI Kakkanad Branch of Ernakulam Town Region, jointly hosted a musical evening program titled as ‘Proclaim’ on 28th May 2023 at Christos MarThoma Church, Kakkanad. “Proclaim the Word of God through Music” was a tribute to Late Mr. K.P. Philip, former Regional Co-ordinator of Ernakulam Town Region and Late Mrs. Aleyamma Philip, former President of BSI Kakkanad Branch. The five Choirs in Ernakulam Region graced the musical event through their melodious singing. The Auxiliary Secretary delivered the inaugural address. The clergy & laity leaders of the Churches & Branches of Ernakulam region blessed the event by their presence & prayers. We thank God for the life and ministry of Philip Uncle & Aunty. We appreciate the great co-ordination of Branch Secretaries, Er. Mr. John Minu Mathew, Mr. Nebu I. Thomas and all other branch leaders for making this programme a great blessing.

New Branch formation: BSI Poojapura Branch, Trivandrum
The Poojapura Branch in Trivandrum Central Region formed as the 147th Branch in Kerala Auxiliary at Poojapura CSI Church on 14th May 2023. Chev. Dr. Koshy M. George, Regional Co-ordinator and BSI Central Council Member co-ordinated the event. Rev. Dr. D.S. Arun presided the meeting, Auxiliary Secretary gave the inaugural address. Clergies, other regional co-ordinators, branch leaders and members graced the occasion. The Rev. Dr. D. S. Arun and Adv. Dr. Bejoy M.S. Raj were elected as the President and Secretary of the Poojapura Branch respectively. We appreciate the hard work of Chev. Dr. Koshy M. George for his tireless efforts in making the new branch formation a great blessing.

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Supriya Singh
After receiving the surprised gift of the Children’s Pictorial Bible from the Bible Society of India, Supria Singh was speechless for a moment and then expressed immense joy and gratitude. She described the Bible as a treasured possession that has enriched her spiritual growth and deepened her connection to her faith. The colorful illustrations and engaging stories have sparked a love for reading and a desire to share the message of faith and hope with others. She got the gift which she would never be able to buy.

Puratan Digal
“My name is Puratan Digil from a Christian family and I want to share my heartfelt gratitude and the incredible impact the Children’s Pictorial Bible from the BSI has had on my life. As a poor boy from Bhubaneshwar, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to own a Bible specifically designed for children like me. I am excited to share the stories and lessons I have learned from the Children’s Pictorial Bible with my friends and family. I believe that this precious gift can also bring hope and encouragement to those who need it most. I thank God in my heart for the ministry of the Bible Society of India and I will always pray for BSI to touch many more lives of children like me, who cannot afford to buy the Bible”.

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