Reported by Brajendra Kumar Kauri

It was a wonderful time of sharing the Word of God and the ministry of BSI with the people of Serango Satabdi Church, Serango, Gajapati Dist.

I thank God for His protection and extend my thanks to all of you for your prayers. In this time of difficulties, I could travel more than 350 km which took me about 12 hours by bus.

This Village called Serango is a hill area so no direct train or bus is available, still I could preach the good news. This would pave the way in building relationships with the churches, through which we have received another invitation in the month of May for the distribution of Bibles and collection for  BSI.  

This is one of the big congregations in the Gajapati District. In spite of the Covid restrictions though  everyone could not participate in the service,  I had taken the opportunity of ministering to them by sharing the Word of God and the ministry of BSI. After the service, we had a meaningful discussion with the Church leaders and youth leaders in which they were encouraged to pray and support the BSI ministries. Thanks for your prayers.


Reported by Rev Soma Bhatkar

Bible Sunday on November 21, 2021 at Bandorjuri Village, Dumka District, Jharkhand State. This tribal community are laborers working in the farmland, but have a heart of giving. They are our ardent supporters in the ministry of the Bible Society of India through their prayers and donations.

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