Activities of the Gujarat Auxiliary

Golden Jubillee Celebration of the Uttarsanda Branch, Gujarat Auxiliary

On September 16, the Uttarsanda Branch had completed 50 years and they had arranged Thanksgiving Service and called Church leaders of the surrounding areas. The BSI Auxiliary President and Secretary and few staff members attended the service. We had a very meaningful time of meeting with church leaders, friends of BSI and donors who happily and willingly donated for the BSI ministry.

A visit to Philadelphia Church:

In Udepur near Gujarat & Rajasthan border, we had visited the Philadelphia Church, they purchaseda large number of Bibles for their ministry and we were also invited to organise Bible Sunday in the new month.

Bible Sale

On October 8 and 9 we had Bible Sale programme in Maninagar at Siyon Alliance Church with the help of Diocese Book Shop with good response. On October 15 and16 we had Bible Sale programme in Nadiad city, 50 kms away from Ahmedabad. We had a very impressive response from the Nadiad city. On October 22 and23,  we had arranged Bible Sale programme in Baroda city with a good response from the churches in and around the city.

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