A single tract changed my life and destiny.

Charles Finny was at the verge of giving up on life. “ I am frustrated with life. My burdens are too much to bear. I don’t want to live anymore”, Finny told himself as he walked aimlessly around Chennai City. By that evening, he had almost decided to end his life and went to Marina beach to drown himself in the sea.

With just a few meters to the sea, a little boy handed a tract to Charles. The tract was titled, “Who is Jesus?”.  Charles Finny stopped to read the tract and found great hope and comfort. “ A single tract changed my life and my destiny. I found hope and comfort when I read it”, he says. Charles found Jesus who helped him pick up his shattered life and turned his life around. “ I was an alcoholic and the gospel changed me completely. Today, Charles is part of the United Christian Auto Drivers (UCAD) who give out tracts published by the Bible Society of India to people they meet everyday. “ A single tract changed my life. Now, I want to be an agent of change”, he says.

The Bible Society of India (BSI) has several specially developed Scripture portions and selections such as  “True Friend “, “Daddy, Where are you? “, Fear Not “, “Assurance of God “s Help “, “Answer to your problems”, “Life Forever “, etc., These tracts have been also translated into many languages. These tracts are distributed by many volunteers. B.G. Luke is one among the many volunteers who distribute Scripture portions and selections published by the Bible Society of India. The former scientist with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is still passionate about sharing Hope and comfort that the Word of God brings.

Luke has been faithfully distributing tracts to many college students, young people, college students, broken families, drug addicts and alcoholics in and around Bangalore. “People respond differently. Some ask for tracts while others simply refuse. I get jeered too”, he says. Luke recognises the importance of sharing Scripture portions with people. “I know the Scripture verses will bring about a change in their lives. I feel happy and satisfied when I give tracts to people”, he says.

Luke has distributed several hundreds of the tract ‘ Is Liquor the Answer’ in Bangalore. “I still think that the tract is the best way of presenting the Gospel”, he reiterates. “ BSI prints many scripture selections and portions in many different languages and occasions. This means I can give out the copies to anyone one I meet”, he adds.

Each month, BSI distributes tracts through a team of dedicated volunteers. Lives are transformed. Brokenness is healed as people find hope and comfort.

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