The Braille Bible

Lemu hails from a small village in India’s North Eastern State of Manipur. As a boy, Lemu loved reading the Bible in Thadou Kuki, his native tongue.

However, an accident made Lemu completely blind at the age of twenty. “It happened all of a sudden. A friend’s accidental poke made me totally blind”, recounts Lemu.

After this unfortunate incident Lemu could not read the Bible on his own. “When I lost my eyesight, I thought I will never be able to read God’s Word again on my own”, thought Lemu.

Lemu received Braille Bibles from the Bible Society of India. “ I was so happy to read the Bible on my own. It feels great to read God’s Word through the touch of my fingers”, says Lemu with great joy.

“Having a Braille Bible has changed my life completely. Now, I am able to read the Bible like any other person”, he says. Currently, Lemu is studying at a prestigious Theological College in Bangalore.

“As I listen and learn from God’s Word daily, I sense God’s call to serve people like me. I am confident that I can be effective in ministry”, he contends.

Lemu has completed Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity at UTC, Bangalore and is willing to help Braille proof reading in North Eastern languages.

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