Tarao New Testament
(Ongoing project)

The Tarao Nagas inhabited in Chandel District, Pallel and Ukhrul District of Manipur State. Their population is very small about 870 in 2000. Because of their population size they are not recognised as Scheduled Tribe in Manipur. The Tarao are more similar to the Chothe Naga with 70% intelligibility. Literacy rate is 75% in Meitei and English. Older people can read Meitei in Bengali script but the younger generation prefer Latin script (according to Ethnologue).

133. Section of Tarao Shawl - Leingamshun for women.
Extra weft design. Size 114x226 cm.


In spite of their small population, the Tarao Christians strongly expressed the need for Bible Translation in their language. Observing the real need of this community, the BSI initially launched the Four Gospels translation in January 2009. They prefer Latin script to use in translation. Of all translation projects, the Tarao project is the smallest in terms of population. As their language is different from other neighbouring people groups it is worth considering translation in this language. Even though in the Ethologue they are mentioned that they are intelligible with the Chothe Naga. However, the lexical similarity with the Chothe Naga is not even 50%.

Launching translation in this language will help to preserve the identity of this community in the sense of its language. It will also help to strengthen and deepen their understanding of the Word of God.

It is hoped that as the people read and hear the Scripture truth, there will be transformation in the life of both individuals and community as well.

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