Ministry Among People With Visual Disability
India has the largest number of people with visual disability in the world. The estimated figure is around twelve million. Malnutrition due to poverty, and diseases like glaucoma etc., are the main cause for the blindness in India. The Government of India through various health care programs is trying to address these problems. However, there is much still to be done.

In rural India, blindness is a social stigma. As a result, the blind are ignored by the family and society. Neglected, they take to begging or peddling small value items for their livelihood. Frustrated, they live a life in loneliness - without much hope.
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The Special Audience Department of the Bible Society of India has been involved in producing in appropriate formats, a wide range of Scriptures and aids for the blind for the last twenty two years. The Scriptures bring hope, comfort and joy and 'the light' in their otherwise dark world. The Mission Agencies working among this audience look up to the Bible Society for this valuable support and contribution. Many lives have been changed through the Scripture distribution and they have now found a new hope in their lives. The Department continuously does research and brings out new Scriptures to meet the 'felt needs' of the vision impaired.

We have the full Braille Bibles (each Bible comes in 43 volumes) in almost all the major Indian languages. A wide range of other Scriptures in Braille have also been published.

Digital Audio Bibles are also made available to those who cannot read Braille.

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