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India is a land of ancient civilization.
She is now emerging as a great nation.
Every Indian should feel proud
of the progress made in various fields.
However, our nation is faced
with problems which threaten
her very existence. Corruption is more
rampant than ever before


Fear Not Download

Waiting here in the hospital while someone
very dear to you is undergoing a major
surgical operation or a medical procedure can
be an extremely difficult experience. Time seems
like not moving and you keep wondering what
the outcome would be and whether your loved
one would make it through safely.

Forgiveness of Sins Download

We all need forgiveness of our sins,
failures and wrong-doings. Jesus
taught that God forgives those who
turn to him in true repentance. Here
are some passages from the Bible
about forgiveness of sins.


Is Anger The Answer Download

Anger is a God given emotion. It serves an
important purpose in the society that we
live in. Anger is an effective psychological
and sociological tool to fight the injustice
and evil in the society. Anger within healthy
boundaries is good for the well-being of the
society. However, like all tools, it has to be
used wisely and within controls.
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Instead of taking liquor for our well-being,
the Bible asks us to seek the guidance of
God’s Holy Spirit to direct our lives.
Do not get drunk with wine, which will
only ruin you; instead, be filled with God’s
Holy Spirit.
What I say is this: let God’s .
What You seek Download
It is human nature to crave for
material possessions. Those who
covet riches assume that such things
can give them a sense of security
and happiness. In reality, it is not so.
Greed for wealth and other earthly
pleasures can destroy personal joy
and family harmony
What Makes a Nation Great
Have you ever wondered, what is the
purpose of your life? Why do you have to die?
What happens to you after death?
How can you have peace, joy, and forgiveness?
How can you get eternal life?
There is only one book in the world
that has the answers to all these
questions of life it is the Holy Bible.
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