Parables of Jesus (from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke)

    1. New cloth on an old coat (Mt.9:16; Mk.2:21; Lk.5:36)
    2. New wine in old wineskin (Mt.9:17; Mk.2:22; Lk.5:37-38)
    3. Lamp on a stand (Mt.5:14-15; Mk.4:21-22; Lk.8:16, 11:33)
    4. Wise and foolish builders (Mt.7:24-27 6:47-49
    5. Moneylender forgives debtors (Lk.7:41-43)
    6. Rich fool (Lk.12:16-21)
    7. Servants should be watchful (Lk.12:35-40; Mk.13:35-37)
    8. Wise and foolish servants (Lk.12:42-48; Mt.24:45-51)
    9. Unfruitful fig tree (Lk.13:6-9)
    10. Seed and the soil (Mt.13:3-8, 18-23; Mk.4:3-8, 14-20; Lk.8:5-8, 11-15)
    11. Weeds among good plants (Mt.13:24-30, 36-43)
    12. Growing seed (Mk.4:26-29)
    13. Mustard seed (Mt.13:31-32; Mk.4:30-32; Lk.13:18-19)
    14. Yeast (Mt.13:33; Lk.13:20-21)
    15. Hidden treasure (Mt.13:44)
    16. Valuable pearl (Mt.13:45-46)
    17. Fishing net (Mt.13:47-50)
    18. Owner of a house (Mt.13:52)
    19. Lost sheep (Mt.18:12-14; Lk.15:4-7)
    20. The sheep, gate, and shepherd (Jn.10:1-5, 7-18)
    21. Master and his servant (Lk.17:7-10)
    22. Merciless servant (Mt.18:23-34)
    23. Good Samaritan (Lk.10:30-37)
    24. Friend in need (Lk.11:5-8)
    25. Seats of honor at the feast (Lk.14:7-14)
    26. The Great banquet (Lk.14:16-24)
    27. Cost of discipleship (Lk.14:28-33)
    28. Lost coin (Lk.15:8-10)
    29. Lost son (Lk.15:11-32)
    30. Shrewd manager (Lk.16:1-8)
    31. Rich man and Lazarus (Lk.16:19-31)
    32. Workers in the vineyard (Mt.20:1-16)
    33. Persistent widow and crooked judge (Lk.18:2-8)
    34. Pharisee and tax collector (Lk.18:10-14)
    35. King’s servants given talents (Lk.19:12-27; Mt.25:14-30)
    36. Obedient and disobedient sons (Mt.21:28-32)
    37. Wicked tenants (Mt.21:33-44; Mk.12:1-11; Lk.20:9-18)
    38. Invitation to a wedding banquet (Mt.22:2-14)
    39. Signs of the future from a fig tree (Mt.24:32-35; Mk.13:28-29; Lk.21:29-31)
    40. Wise and foolish virgins (Mt.25:1-13)
    41. Sheep and goats will be separated (Mt.25:31-46)

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