The Bible Society of India operates within the territory of India and is the largest and one of the oldest of the 146 National Bible Societies under the United Bible Societies. Besides the Central Office in Bangalore, we have 16 Auxiliaries, 1 Translations Centre at Shillong and 1 Sales Depot at Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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The Karnataka Auxiliary of the Bible Society of India came into being in 1945. However, The Kannada Bible in a single volume printed in Bellary Mission Press was made available for the first time in the year 1830 itself.

The beauty of the Karnataka Auxiliary lies in the heritage building which is situated at the beginning of Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore. In 1953, the first President of India, Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad and the first Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Kengal Hanumanthaiah visited the Auxiliary. In 1961 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Auxiliary and were presented with a copy of the Bible in Hindi.

The Karnataka Auxiliary has already published more than 33 varieties of Kannada Bible, including the Kannada Study Bible, the Kannada Royal size Bible and Compact Bible with red letter edition and also two varieties (Compact & Demy size) in Korean T/I edition. The Bilingual (Diglot) Bible (English and Kannada) was released on 17th October 2015 and is now available in three varieties.

At present, the Auxiliary has taken up a project for printing a portion of the Bible in Pareer language - a combination of three languages i.e. Kannada, Tamil and Telugu which is spoken among a particular community. The Auxiliary is also working on the Kannada Audio Bible, which is to be released in 2018

The Auxiliary continues to serve the Kannada speaking people and their increasing Scripture needs.

For more info E-mail or call Ph : 080 22214557 / 4132 9008

Contact Address
The Auxiliary Secretary, Bible Society of India, Karnataka Auxiliary, 2 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore 560 001

The Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary came into being in 1951. The existing Bible House in Hyderabad had been in operation since 1938. The Bible house was also the headquarters of the Auxiliary since 1951.

Through the length and breadth of the State, over 150 BSI Branches and Mary Jones Fellowships operate with individual office bearers and members who voluntarily raise substantial amount of contributions every year for the cause of the Bible. Over the years the Auxiliary has proved to be one of the leading arms of the Bible Society Movement in India in distribution of Scriptures to Telugu speaking people. The Auxiliary celebrated the centenary of the complete Telugu Bible in the year 1960.

The Bible Society of India, Bombay Auxiliary came into existence on 13th June 1813 at the Cathedral Church of St. Thomas, Horniman Circle, Mumbai. The Auxiliary caters to the Bible needs of the states of Maharashtra and Goa.

The History of the Calcutta Auxiliary coincides with the history of the Bible Society of India in its beginning. It was established on 21st February 1811. In later years, in the post independence era, the Calcutta Auxiliary became one of the auxiliaries to function within the jurisdiction of the operation of the Bible Society of India. Significantly the Auxiliary still functions from the same old stately building on Jawaharlal Nehru Road (Chowringhee Road) in Calcutta, as it has done 200 years ago.

The Auxiliary now concentrates on Bible work in West Bengal and Sikkim. The Calcutta Auxiliary also looks after the union territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The Auxiliary is making progressive strides to bring knowledge of God’s Word to semi-literate people through the audio and video media. It has already produced audio scripture portions in Bengali.

Dimapur Auxiliary was inaugurated on 6th November 1985 as Associate Auxiliary. Later it was upgraded as full fledged Auxiliary on 23rd November 1986. Its area of operation is Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Karbi Anglong dealing with 111 tribes. The Dimapur Auxiliary is able to reach unreached people with the word of God. This brings better and close understanding among the people that is in God’s word through Jesus Christ.

For several people groups in the Dimapur area it is the scripture in its written form which has helped reduce their respective languages into writing by way of standardization of vocabulary, grammar and orthography. Among the various languages Bibles published so far in 36 dialects, New Testament in 25 dialects, children’s Bible in 7 dialects and Study Bible in one dialect.

This Auxiliary has a dedicated volunteer force including women and youth.

Aizawl Auxiliary initially began on first June, 1978 as an Associate Auxiliary of the Shillong Auxiliary. However, the Auxiliary gained full-fledged status in recognition of the diversity of languages and varied ethnic backgrounds of the people with their own respective special needs for Scriptures to be catered to.

The Auxiliary has produced Bibles and New Testaments in several languages covered by the Auxiliary operations. Presently, the Auxiliary works closely with as many as 31 Church denominations. The Aizawl Auxiliary has been consistently at the forefront in mobilisation of monetary resources to support the Bible Work.

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If you are interested in procuring Bible and other Scripture items in Print and Audio media, please contact :

The Auxiliary Secretary
Bible Society of India
Mahatma Gandhi Road
Aizawl 796 001
Ph : 0389 2323210
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