Equipping Widows and Suffering Women

The BSI conducts fellowship meetings, seminars and workshops for widows and suffering women to come together, for worship, prayer, sharing, learning, fellowship and helping one another, with the purpose of creating hope in them through the Word of God and the transforming love of Christ, thus enabling them to lead a meaningful life.

Through Scripture engagement these women are encouraged to share their resources with other women in need in the Christian community.  With these women’s help we organise programmes for women from poverty stricken families.
Our Volunteers mobilise Prayer for this
Project as Prayer is the backbone of any

Our Volunteers mobilise resources to be
shared with women in need

We invite you to join us in praying for this ministry and supporting this with your mite, to make life meaningful for women in need!
For more information, kindly contact:  bsicrrmd@biblesociety.in

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