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Bible House Building Project

The Bible House, Hyderabad has served the Bible cause for the last 80 years. The Bible house has helped strengthen the spiritual journey of individuals, families, and congregations by providing Bibles, Gospel portions, Gospel Tracts, and Braille Bibles.

The Khasi Braille Bible

"I have longed to read the Bible. Not just hear the Bible being read to me. I have been praying hard for a long time. I am happy that the Khasi Braille Bible is being released. Now I can read the Bible for myself”, said Sister Bertha G. Dkhar to the packed audience at the Dinam Hall, Shillong.

UMMEED Celebrating Christmas

The Bible Society of India, North West India Auxiliary organized ËœUMMEEDâ„¢ Christmas with the vulnerable at the Community Centre, Gole Dak Khana, New Delhi on the 4th December 2017.

Joyce Pallat Retirement Programme

Its been 40 years since Mr. Joyce Pallat joined the Bible Society of India. Mr. Joyce Pallat retired on 28 November 2017 after his distinguished service as Asst. Director, Internal Audit Department

Odiya Audio Bible Release Function

Today, there is a growing preference for ’listening’ rather than ‘reading’ and the numbers are rising exponentially. The trend is not just with people who can’t read but also with the ‘neo-literates’ and ‘non-readers’. The audio Bible comes handy for people who would rather listen than read. Besides, the Audio Bible is a welcome tool for the people ‘on-the-go’ and the the elderly who find it extremely difficult to read small print.

Diamond Jubilee Valedictory Ceremony, Kottayam

The Kerala Auxiliary was inaugurated with the motto, Bible for every Christian home in Kerala and has faithfully served the Bible cause for the last 60 years. The year 2016 - 17 marks the Diamond Jubilee of the Kerala Auxiliary. The Kerala Auxiliary has served the church in Kerala, particularly in meeting her Scripture needs, supporting gospel outreach, and providing a platform for common witness.

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