Audio Visual Media ( AVM )

As per the mandate, the Bible Society of India is providing the Audio & Visual Scriptures in a language that people can easily understand, in a format they are comfortable with and at a cost they can afford. To cater to 56 % of Indian population who can not read or write, BSI designs and produces audio and visual Scriptures using a mix of music, songs, narration and dramatization. Although AVM products are primarily meant for the illiterate, it is observed that non- readers and literates also use them. The illiterates use colloquial language and prefer folk music. The non-reader prefers a lot of music and a little bit of information through formal language songs. Apart from production of audio video products, BSI produces Radio and TV programs for special target audiences of India to cater to their specific need using the services of local media professionals. BSI is putting maximum effort to produce Holy Scriptures by using Indian local tradition rich culture and art forms of our country.



AVM Produvts / Programs

For further information kindly contact : The Director (AVM ) – Bible Society of India
Phone : 080 -25471226, E.mail :


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